Hyper (Lame) Color T-Shirts: The Trends Back Then

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Hyper (Lame) Color T-Shirts: The Trends Back Then

Growing up in the 80s, I was exposed to many ridiculous fashion trends and must-have items, including jean jackets, parachute pants, and Converse sneakers. But one item stands out more than others and at the time, I was obsessed with obtaining one. Obviously, I’m talking about hypercolor shirts. The bastard child of the mood ring and “Where’s the Beef?” t-shirt craze, hypercolor shirts seemed like a totally rad idea. The shirt would change colors with your mood—you could even leave a handprint on your shirt! How cool was that? 

Not very. Turns out the whole “mood” thing is actually thermochromic (temperature sensitive) pigment that changed between two colors—one when cold, one when warm. Those of us unfortunate enough to wear the t-shirt out in public without a test drive at home were soon rewarded with hot pink spots under our sweaty armpits on an otherwise blue-colored shirt. Plus, people wanted to breathe on you and touch you all the time. 

They actually had hypercolor shorts, but fortunately, I never coveted those. Thank goodness; it would have given “hot spot” an entirely new meaning. 

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