If Butt Crack Is the New Cleavage, Should You Go With or Without a Bra?

by Thatcoolbroad

If Butt Crack Is the New Cleavage, Should You Go With or Without a Bra?

What do you think girls? Thong vs. Commando?


I’m posing this question primarily in reference to times when we’re wearing those cute, low-rise jeans we all love, even though they might not give us as much coverage as we’d like. For me the answer is clear; Cool Broads definitely go commando. Let me present my case:


It’s preferable to see someone’s crack as opposed to somone’s crack with a thin piece of fabric jammed up it. Seeing someone’s thong conjures up all sorts of unpleasant images with regard to where that thin piece of fabric has been and what it’s been rubbing up against. Consider this photo of Uma Thurman bending over and exposing her thong (please take into consideration that this is UMA THURMAN).


Thongs are uncomfortable. I’m actually a converted thong-wearer and though I can’t pinpoint the exact moment I turned the other cheek (so to speak), I think it has something to do with childbirth. Now, I don’t know if something changed down there after I had kids or what, but I can no longer tolerate the lack of comfort that for me has become synonymous with wearing a thong. I’ve even tried Hanky Panky’s, who bill themselves as the most comfortable thong available. I’ve got girlfriends who swear by them, though one found herself in an uncomfortable position when she ended up in the ER with a broken leg and the one-sided robe the nurses made her wear exposed her hanky pankies and as well as a majority of her ass.


I don’t know about you, but when I’m wearing my skinny, low-rise jeans, I need to be (and feel) as skinny as I possibly can, and if my underwear adds so much as 1/24 of an inch to my body … they’ve got to go.


Thong underwear is not attractive. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that thongs do not complement anyone’s backside (unless of course you’re a nineteen-year-olld Brazilian model who wears a size two).  Butt crack is the new cleavage. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In Janelle Brown ’s Salon.com article, Here Come the Buns, she states that, “ … having grown weary of nipples and thighs, we simply needed a new body part to fetishize. It’s hard to oppose a trend that extols a generous posterior. But like so many trends that spring from retail, this one comes with a punishing beauty protocol. We’re going to expose your ass now, the fashion industry has said, and it had better look good.”


The best way to get a great-looking backside? The squat. As discussed in an, the squat is the single most effective exercise there is. Click here for a comprehensive article and step-by-step instructions for the almighty squat. And while you’re at it, consider this photo of Heidi Klum exposing her cute butt crack (again, take into consideration that Heidi Klum is a SUPERMODEL.)


So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Nothing comes between me and my Calvins.