It’s Not About Fashion, It’s About Style

by admin

It’s Not About Fashion, It’s About Style

If there was one thing that you could change about your body, what would it be? There are actually many women who would like to change more than just one thing.

Every woman who has an issue with their body type will find that there are many other women who have the same issue. What are some of these issues?

  • I’m too skinny
  • I’m too large
  • My bust is too big
  • My bust is too small
  • My bum is too big
  • My bum is too small

Unfortunately, not everyone has the money needed to get cosmetic surgery and some don’t have the time to focus on a long term exercise regime. This is where the issue of low self-confidence begins to appear. It makes you feel hopeless and lost about what to do next. There is a simple way to boost your self-confidence and quickly, to help you get your life back on track and begin to focus on how you want to live your life. This simple way is learning about your style and educating yourself about your body shape and how to dress.

It is quite common to hear that most women believe that fashion and fashion trends are only for the women with perfect bodies. This may be the case in some situations, but this article is not about fashion, it’s about style. What you may not necessarily realize is that style comes in all different sizes and shapes. Style exists for individuals of all different sizes and shapes. Here are a number of tips that may help you with your body shape dilemmas:

Petite Body Type
If you are shorter than five feet, you may be considered petite. There is an entire line of petite clothing available for women with a shorter stature. These clothes are usually designed with shorter leg lengths for the pants and shorter arm lengths for jackets and long sleeve blouses. Petite clothing is available in many different styles from swimwear to work wear.

Rectangle Body Type (Athletic)
If you have little definition between your hips, waist, and shoulders, you have an athletic body type. Unfortunately, not all women’s clothing is designed for individuals like you. That is why there are clothing lines that are designed especially for active women and women built like you. In addition to traditional exercise clothing and casual clothing, it is more than possible to find elegant eveningwear that is designed to complement your fit and athletic body frame.

Full Rectangle Body Type and Round Body Type
If you have a plus-sized body type, there are many clothing lines now available specifically designed for your body type. Plus-sized fashions have changed dramatically over the years and designers have finally realized that plus size clothing can be fashionable. The focus used to be on comfort, which really didn’t leave a lot of fashionable options. The trend now whilst still focusing on comfort is creating fashionable and wearable clothing.

These are just a few of the options available to different body types. It doesn’t matter what your body type, as long as you know how to dress for your body type, you will always look great and feel confident. A simple way to become aware of what is currently stylish and fashionable is window shopping. Instead of thinking the only reason to go shopping is to buy something and then regretting what you have bought because it doesn’t fit, try window shopping. Organize a day out with friends and scour the shops to see what’s available. Use this opportunity to try on clothes that you would normally not choose, you will be surprised at how great some of those outfits look. If you don’t have the time to organize a day out for window shopping, jump on the Internet and browse online fashion stores and magazines to see what is popular.

The point I am trying to make is that no matter what your body shape, you can still find your true style and feel confident every day.