It’s Not You, It’s My Muffin Top: Breaking Up with the Bikini

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It’s Not You, It’s My Muffin Top: Breaking Up with the Bikini

Even if you haven’t worn a one-piece since middle school, don’t discount them entirely: We recently tried on a brand-new non-bikini, and were thrilled with the results. Instead of looking dowdy and boring, the results were surprisingly slimming—a one-piece with high-cut legs can make you look longer and leaner, and a scoop neck can lift your chest. Best of all, you can eat whatever you want all day, because your midsection will be tucked safely inside. We’re newly hooked.

So we’re encouraging you to cheat on your bikini—at least once. You might find that your relationship with the one-piece could turn into a long-term affair. Here are few of our favorite versions below to get you started:

Fun Prints: A one-piece with an eye-catching print will both turn heads and help disguise imperfections. If you can find one with a solid color band below the bust, it can also give the impression of lifting your chest.

Ruched: A ruched one-piece slims your waistline and hides your tummy, especially if there’s ruching on both sides.

Solid Color: A solid color one-piece may seem basic, but find one with details such as unique straps—thick, criss-cross straps that hold the suit up almost like a halter, for example, will narrow the broadest shoulders.

Plunging Neck: There is no way any bikini could be sexier than some of the one-pieces we’ve seen – look for pieces with ultra deep V-necks and gold or other metallic detail to spice up your look.

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