J-Lo: An Alopecian’s Hero

by admin

J-Lo: An Alopecian’s Hero

Who would’ve believed that a curvaceous and sultry celebrity like Jennifer Lopez could make me feel more comfortable, more normal, more beautiful in my own hairless skin (and head scarf)?

Oodles of women who suffer from hair loss and who dream of a means by which they can maintain a sense of fashion, beauty, and normalcy, breathe a collective sigh of relief each time some paparazzi snaps a shot of J-Lo in her latest head scarf. And yes, the professional criticizers criticize her, but J-Lo seems unphased. She knows what she likes. She’s a fashion leader, not a follower, and oh how we need a female icon in a fashion-forward head scarf!

The head scarf is an intimate and personal accessory that can do even more to define a look than a pair of shoes. A head scarf allows you to wear colors and patterns that you might not dream of wearing in your clothes. “The head scarf has become the accessory of rehab chic …” Bali Barrett, art director of Hermes Silks said. Innately practical, religiously modest, bohemian anti-fashion, prim and sophisticated, or street-inspired, you would be hard-pressed to find another fashion accessory with a comparable history or range.

So whether you’re headed to the beach, making your appearance on American Idol, dressing for a Monday work appointment, walking the red carpet, or running a weekend errand, there is not a single item in your closet other than the tried-and-true, always chic and versatile head scarf that can top your any look. J-Lo knows it! Do you?

Susan Beausang, President, 4Women.com