Jeggings to the Rescue

by admin

Jeggings to the Rescue

Fashion—decisions, decisions, and minus any good options for we fashionably mature women. Even as a fit, size two or four, fashionably mature woman, miniskirts and low rise pants make me look like a teenybopper wannabe. And if we don’t do the teenybopper wannabe thing, we’re facing the baggy, frumpy wardrobe items donned by those who evidently feel a lot older than me.

Where are the fashionable options designed with mature women in mind? Fashion trends don’t seem ageless when you’re faced with endless racks of miniskirts, low rise pants, blouses with layers of ruffles, six-inch high heels, or shrunken cotton T-shirts. How often do you come across fashion magazines offering advice for trendy empty nesters? I’m not talking about the hide your flaws bag fashion. I’m talking fashion for the younger/older woman (not an oxymoron).

Jeggings to the rescue.

Think jeggings are just leggings with a new and catchy name? Since even mature men like Conan O’Brien are modeling them on national TV, I thought there must be something novel about these.

Jeggings are leggings that are styled to look like tight denim jeans—a design trend that has almost annihilated the skinny denim jean market. A good thing for we mature fashionistas?

I decided to closely compare my ‘80s leggings and my oh so current jeggings. Seems like they’re the same shape and style, and the same spandex fabric blend. My conclusion—the only significant difference is the price tag. Seems like jeggings are just a more costly, modern day version of my good old leggings (which I fortunately never got rid of). And like the leggings of the ‘80s (remember the ‘80s legging look, with oversized sweatshirts and pumped up Reebok sneakers?), jeggings will definitely be an ageless pillar of this mature fashionista’s wardrobe.

Jeggings are not just one more fashion craze for the youthful teenyboppers among us. With that always forgiving spandex blend, jeggings suck you in all the right places. They also have a high waist, which creates a smooth, flattering effect. And since layering and long sweaters are making a comeback, you can top your figure-fitting jeggings with something elegant, modest, and fashionable—from long layers of cashmere, to tunics and blouses. Wear them with a great pair of heels (if your feet will allow such a thing), a cute pair of ballet flats, or with your favorite pair of Uggs.

Some of the fashion trends from the ‘80s are not worth reviving (big shoulder pads, MC Hammer pants, parachute pants, door knocker earrings, big hair, overalls, or neon colors), but ‘80s leggings/jeggings are back, and being gratefully received by mature fashionistas such as myself. Turn on some Billy Joel or Madonna, or watch Dirty Dancing or The Breakfast Club and have a real ‘80s throwback moment.