Jewelry DIY: How to Make Feather Earrings

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Jewelry DIY: How to Make Feather Earrings

It’s time to retire your dainty earrings and step out this fall with a pair of bold statement earrings made out of one of nature’s finest adornments: feathers. Follow this simple DIY earring tutorial to make hoop feather earrings, a great piece of jewelry! Here’s how to make them.

Feather Earrings

As cool weather settles in, your fab statement necklaces can get lost under layers of clothing. But one look that won't be lost is wearing this chic pair of feather earrings. Have fun with textures when creating your earrings: Adding chain or incorporating beads will amplify dimension and movement to your finished look. Here's how to make feather earrings!

Feather Earring Materials

Materials: 4 feathers, 2 cord end caps, pair of round-nose pliers, 4 crafting beads, 2 head pins, wire cutters (optional), pair of hoop earrings, 8 spacer beads, 2 lengths of 3.5" chain, 2 lengths of 2.75" chain

Feather Earrings: Steps 1 & 2

1. Place the ends of two feathers into a cord end, and using round-nose pliers, fold over to secure.

2. Thread two crafting beads onto the head-pin wire, and trim with wire cutters if needed. Complete by closing straight-wire end using round-nose pliers.

Feather Earrings: Steps 3 & 4

3. Slide the following items, in this order, onto the hoop earring: spacer bead, feathers, one 3.5" chain, one 2.75" chain, a spacer bead, crafting beads, and a spacer bead.

4. Using round-nose pliers, round the straight end of the wire, creating a lip that will secure the earring to the back closure. Repeat all steps for the second earring.

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