Jewelry Storage Made Easy: DIY Jewelry Holder

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Jewelry Storage Made Easy: DIY Jewelry Holder

Jewelry storage is a challenge all jewelry lovers face. Managing an ever-growing inventory of earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces can seem like a daunting task. This is where a little creativity and craftiness comes in. This DIY jewelry holder is simple, cost-effective, cute, and, best of all, functional.

Jewelry Holder

This DIY jewelry holder is perfect for holding all kinds of jewelry, but it's especially useful for your earrings. Start with an empty picture frame and a decorative metal sheet with holes to hang jewelry through. If you use a big enough picture frame, you could even add hooks to hang some necklaces, too!

Jewelry Holder: Materials

Materials: Decorative metal sheet, picture frame (any size), marker (we used a Sharpie), tin snips, E6000 crafts glue, plastic display easel (optional)

Jewelry Holder: Step 1

1. If you know the dimensions of your frame, you can measure out and mark up your piece of decorative metal. But I've found it's easiest to just trace a photo from the frame (I used a 5×7). Mark your edges with a marker. This will be your frame insert.

Jewelry Holder: Step 2

2. Using your tin snips along your guidelines, cut out the frame insert shape.

Jewelry Holder: Step 3

3. Apply crafts glue all around the inside of the frame. Lower the metal insert into the frame, and press on the edges where it's glued. The metal won't want to stay in place just yet, so put a couple heavy items on the metal near the edges so the glue has time to settle. Wait about 15 to 20 minutes for the glue to dry before removing the items holding the metal down.

Jewelry Holder: Step 4

4. Your jewelry holder is finished. Hang it on your wall, or use a plastic easel to display it on top of your dresser. Showcase your jewelry like a work of art!

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