Katy Perry Is Designing Scented Jelly Sandals—Yes, You Read That Right

by Sidney Burds

Katy Perry Is Designing Scented Jelly Sandals—Yes, You Read That Right

In typically *extra* Katy Perry fashion, she has once again gone over the top with jelly sandals that are fruit scented. Seriously!

Katy Perry is iconic for wearing some crazy ensembles. She has worn a Smurf dress, a movie-themed outfit, and has even dressed as a Cheeto. (Oh, and only one of those was meant to be a costume for Halloween.) She is the queen of kitsch, has seemingly covered every possible theme known to man, but now she’s letting others get in on the fun. Katy Perry just dropped a line of fruit-themed and scented jelly sandals.

Say what?!

Yes, Perry’s own shoe line, Katy Perry Collections, has unveiled a ’90s inspired jelly sandals collection with a scented twist. Each fruit-themed sandal in the collection, ranging from lime to watermelon, not only are designed to look like their corresponding fruit, but they are created to smell like it, too. Fans of Katy Perry’s crazy style are already on board and losing their minds.


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Want to slide your feet into this scented trend? Here are our favorite styles (scent test TBD) of the Katy Perry Collection jelly, scented sandals.

Katy Perry Collection Lime Scented Jelly Sandal

Katy Perry Geli Sandal, Nordstrom, $48.95

Katy Perry Collection Peach Scented Jelly Sandal

Katy Perry The Geli, Zappos, $49

Katy Perry Collection Strawberry Scented Jelly Sandal

Katy Perry Fruit Sandals, Forever 21, $48

Enjoy waterproof nostalgia and unexpected fruity freshness all summer long.