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Keep Your Breasts Happy with Breathability

Along with most of my friends, I wear a variation of padded bras (push up bras, convertible bras, sports bras, etc.). I like the fact that it gives me shape. Unfortunately, I am not one blessed with perfect shaped and even-sized breasts. If I was, I’d be more brave in wearing non-padded bras, or even no bras at all. Padded bras are also great in hiding the extras that you don’t want to show through—especially in a cold, air-conditioned room. Did you know that you can improve the happiness of your breasts by giving them a bit more air circulation?

Breathability is pretty much marketed in every piece of clothing. It is so common that everyone takes this little feature for granted. In the case of bras with bra pads, breathable fabric does not equal breathability. The reason is that the bra cups or bra pads do not allow adequate air circulation to the breast area. In fact, they can even act as a sponge to collect moisture throughout the day. In order for the bra cups or bra pads to breathe, they need to be perforated. So, next time when you are shopping for bras, make sure you ask for bras that are made with perforated bra cups. Better air circulation to the breast area is not only good for breast skin, but it’s also important for general breast health. 

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