This Kickstarter Business Makes Custom Nude Bras For Every Skin Tone

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This Kickstarter Business Makes Custom Nude Bras For Every Skin Tone

New Kickstarter brand TruNude is totally changing the bra game with its innovative custom bras designed to perfectly match your skin tone.

Let's face it: No one really enjoys wearing bras, and bra shopping is a hellish experience for many women, who struggle to find a truly "nude" bra. For many lingerie companies, nude bras only range in colors from basic beige to some slightly darker tones, and some stores only offer one fleshy shade for everyone.

Obviously, one nude bra clearly does not fit all, and Danai L. Pointer is one of millions of women, who don't match the industry standard of "nude." After enduring a disappointing bridesmaid experience, Pointer founded custom bra business TruNude in 2015 to help all women find genuinely nude bras regardless of their size or skin tone. TruNude even offers summer and winter nude bras, so your bra will always match your foundation year round! (We won't tell if it's just extra bronzer.)

TruNude Bra

Pointer designed TruNude with every woman in mind, and the company's bra production is actually quite simple. By using the TruNude color app, you simply take a chest bone skin selfie and the app's patented Personal Color Code determines your custom bra shade. You then plug in your bra measurements, (no worries here, the company stocks sizes from AA to M), and you're done! The TruNude experts will customize your bra based on your specifications and you'll have your brand new, perfectly nude bra delivered right to your door.

TruNude Color Process

Talk about a seamless process. Though the TruNude app isn't launching until May 2017, you can contribute to the brand's Kickstarter page now to receive your custom bra in time for TruNude's soft release. The company offers pledges ranging from $10-$500+, and you can have the opportunity to pre-order a TruNude bra or test out custom color swatches.

For Pointer, TruNude is all about bringing more color representation to a relatively colorless bra industry. She believes bras are our second skin, and matching your bra to your body should be a stress-free, empowering experience. Through her innovative shopping experience, women everywhere will finally be able to wear nude bras made just for them.

This is truly the breast thing ever, and you can bet we'll be going "nude" in May 2017.