The Knitted Beanie: Functionality Meets Style

by admin

The Knitted Beanie: Functionality Meets Style

Hats are hot for this fall season and one of my absolute favorites is the knitted beanie. Beanies aren’t just for winter snow play anymore; they're a sporty-cool addition to any fall outfit. These chic, cold-weather accessories can be dressed up or down and can be found in many different colors and patterns. I love mixing my flannel shirts with different neutral patterned beanies, skinny jeans, tall socks, and boots. It gives that effortless and comfortable style we all crave during the colder season. 

For a more dressed up option, pair a leather mini skirt with a basic tee, dressy winter coat, a pair of pointed pumps, and a bright neon beanie. I love the juxtaposition of the knit beanie with the dressy coat. A great tip for making beanies work with any outfit is by mixing different textures of fabric like leather, knit, wool etc. to create a unique and creative look.  There are so many different types of beanies out there. Slouchy, fitted, and even some with a pom-pom adorning the top. My suggestion would be to try on as many beanies as you can until you find one that suits you best. My favorite type of beanie is a mix between the fitted and slouchy (shown above). I turn up the bottom part of the beanie to add to the look and to secure it better. 

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