A Ladies Guide to Fighting a Fat Day

by admin

A Ladies Guide to Fighting a Fat Day

The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and you’re ready to take on the day and all it promises. You take a shower, grab a cup of coffee, and begin to assemble an outfit for the day. Grabbing your favorite pair of jeans and that new top you love, you head over to the mirror for a quick glance, expecting to find, if nothing else, an acceptable reflection staring back at you. That’s when things go wrong. You look in the mirror and low and behold, you’re mortified with what you see! The next half an hour is filled with various wardrobe changes, tears, and an abundance of rejected tops and bottoms strewn about your once clean bedroom floor. It has happened to all of us as at some point. The dreaded “fat day,” does not discriminate against age or size. Instead, it affects women all over— driving them to tears and their male counterparts to insanity. Fortunately, while you’re bound to have one at some point, there are a few things you can do to help improve the way you view that person staring back in the mirror.

Take a Breath
Before you get on that one way street to a mini meltdown, stop and take a breath. More often than not your reaction is based less on fact and more on emotional fiction. The chances that you’ve all of a sudden ballooned out of the pants you wore two days ago is highly unlikely. Pause for a moment and remind yourself that you look the same as you did yesterday morning. Take a deep breath and start over. Sure, you may still feel bloated and uncomfortable in your clothing, but at least you’ve recognized the irrational nature of your predicament. 

Recognize Your Best Asset
One of the best ways to really reduce the “fat day” feeling is to recognize and utilize your best assets. What part of your body makes you particularly proud to be you? Once you’ve decided what part of your body you feel looks the best, choose clothing that accentuates it. Whether it’s your legs, arms, chest, or behind, find clothing that really utilizes that part of your body. By focusing on a positive attribute, you are more likely to begin to feel good about yourself. In many ways, this can be a saving grace for the “fat day” funk.

Learn a Few Tricks
Have you ever noticed that some colors, cuts, or styles make you look thinner? The ability of clothing to create a slimming look is no secret. In fact, everyone from runway models to everyday women use a few fashion tricks here and there to make themselves look and feel better. Here are a few tips that will help you deal with a particularly horrible day in front of the mirror.

  • Dark clothing is slimming.
  • The support of a good bra is unbeatable and can make you feel better instantly.
  • V-neck tops help to slim your figure by elongating the torso.
  • Long necklaces will also work to elongate the torso.
  • A wide belt around your waste can really work to your advantage
  • Dark denim is your best friend.
  • Matching tights, stockings, or leggings with shoes can help create a longer/taller appearance.

If all else fails and you’ve barely made it from bedroom to work without a major melt down, always remember that tomorrow is another day. While you may feel less than your best today, tomorrow promises a whole new day full of possibility. So walk away from the mirror, dry your eyes, put your chin up, and head out to meet the world with a smile.