Leather Skirts: A Fall Fashion Favorite

by admin

Leather Skirts: A Fall Fashion Favorite

As much as I love fall denim, I’m also a big fan of pulling out what I like to call my ‘heavy duty’ skirts, also known as leather skirts. I know a lot of times we’re scared of wearing skirts during the colder months because we think they’re a warm weather piece or because we’ll have to wear them with tights. I’m here to tell you that this is not the case! Paired the right way, leather skirts can be extremely versatile in the fall and a nice change of pace from the everyday denim.

The key to making skirts work for you in the fall and winter months is choosing the right fabrics and utilizing your fall favorites. For example, in the look above I chose to style my faux leather skirt with a chunky sweater, wool coat, and closed toed pumps. Every item is cold weather appropriate and because I chose heavier fabrics to layer with, I don’t necessarily need tights to stay warm. Depending on the weather you could easily wear a similar look, but swap out the sweater for a tee and the wool coat for a lightweight jacket. For those even colder nights you can throw on a pair of tights, a beanie and scarf. Remember, layers are your friend.

Contrary to what you might believe, baring your legs to wear a leather skirt in the fall can be quite versatile. As long as you stick to heavier fabrics and utilize your fall staples, you can’t go wrong. You never know, you may start reaching for your leather skirts more often than your skinny jeans!

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