Look Chic For Cheap With This Yeezy Boot Hack

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Look Chic For Cheap With This Yeezy Boot Hack

Everybody loves the Yeezy boots' athleisure appeal, but not the near $1,000 price tag. Luckily, some fab fashion gurus figured out the best hack to keep your heels high even if your budget is low.

Unless you slept under a rock during New York Fashion Week this year, you've likely already seen Kylie and Kendall Jenner and the rest of the Kardashian clan strutting about in the Yeezy Season 4 sock booties.


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While these high fashion shoes are certainly lust-worthy, the $895 price tag is decidedly not.

If dropping nearly $1,000 on trendy boots isn't quite your style, fear not, because some fab fashion gurus have created some totally do-able DIY Yeezy boot dupes and the Internet is rightfully losing its damn mind. So instead of dropping a nearly four-figure sum in the name of fashion, you only need to cough up five bucks for these DIYs. Let us show you how, fashionistas!

Shay Cherise of The Nu Vogue released several Yeezy DIY videos and tutorials, from the knee-length stunners from Season 2 to the new booties. Her video demo has nearly 72,000 views, and we can only imagine how many pairs of socks have been purchased in the name of chic bootie dupes.

With a simple pair of nude heels and shoe sole grips, Shay simply cuts a hole to allow the heel to break through the sock and attaches the grips for traction. That's literally it. So to recap: You only need cheap heels, two pairs of socks of your choosing and some form of shoe grip to make your very own pair of Yeezy boots.

Sound too good to be true? Shay's followers have submitted their own DIY booties, which is proof alone anyone can master this simple hack. Check out all the varieties of bootie dupes!

So, what are you waiting for, the coldest winter? Try this high fashion hack while it's still hot.