Love, Actually

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Love, Actually

There’s nothing like a good ol’ fashioned love story to reaffirm your faith in love, or perhaps peel away some of that single-and-bitter cynicism.

It all started in Paris—where romance just so happens to flow like red wine—when Tamara Taichman set out to create the perfect quasi-seasonal handbag for herself. And that she did. What started as one turned into many: she soon launched her own full-fledged line after receiving rave reviews and a push from her friends and boyfriend, marketing exec Nicolas Berdugo. And thus, Tila March was born, a moniker created by combining the letters from their first names—Tamara and Nicolas—and the month they met. Cue violins.

The best part of the story, of course, is that all of us can get in on it. Taichman’s now iconic Tote Zelig bag, also available in a clutch, is an utterly smart and transitional accessory combining contrasting elements—summery canvas and wintry leather—with a set of hidden snaps that can change its size. Colors are always bold and often oppositional: think toffee with black, orange with white, and ivory with metallic pink. The Clutch Bag Bonnie is classically designed with long leather straps that can be worn across your chest as you backpack Europe, while the cylinder-shaped Lily bag works as a perfect after-hours carry-all. Single girls, take note: There’s plenty of room to pack a toothbrush!

Few bags look as good while doing this much. Whether you’re shopping for your girlfriend, or simply looking to treat yourself to a little accessories love, Tila March has got it in the bag!

By Kristi Garced

Photo Courtesy of Gen Art Pulse