For the Love of the Blackberry

by admin

For the Love of the Blackberry

I can’t even BEGIN to count how many times I’ve heard, "An IPhone is better."

But, I’ve gotta tell you, I am, and will forever be, a Berry Gal.

I first heard of the Blackberry the summer before my senior year in college. Visiting New York City, where I knew I was moving after graduation, a girl friend and I ended up hanging out with her brother’s Wall Street friends. When asking for our phone numbers, they pulled out devices to enter them in. (I had no idea what they were and when in fact, a chubbier young man mentioned he had left his Blackberry at work and heaved a major sigh. I thought it was some sort of dessert!)

After moving to NYC, I realized that it was necessary to be a bit more mobile, and jumped on board the Sidekick train. Though it was exciting to have email at my finger tips, this wasn’t nearly as exciting as when I got my first Blackberry. (The Sidekick also lost its luster when my high school students had the same phone!)

Not only does it look grown up (hehe), but the Blackberry still has buttons. I’m not a fan of the touch screen, don’t think it’s cool, and in fact, like a phone that I can manipulate with gloves in the dead of winter. 

As the Director of Programs for GlamourGals, I find that I need to be able to communicate no matter if I’m traveling across the country, visiting my grandparents in a town void of wi fi, or simply, hanging out in the evening. Sometimes, correspondence is important, and I want to make sure that I always have a phone that is in essence, an extremely effective tool to communicate. 

Though the IPhone is cool, and my tech savvy friends balk at my resistance to joining their I world, I am a Blackberry enthusiast. I don’t want a device to play Angry Birds, but something that can help me effectively do the work I need to.

I’m sure other smart phones have major pros, but my Blackberry is also reminiscent of my first weekend on my own in the city and reminds me of how far I’ve come.