Make DIY Gradient Pearl Strand Earrings For The Ultimate Set Of Ear Candy

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Make DIY Gradient Pearl Strand Earrings For The Ultimate Set Of Ear Candy

Every wardrobe needs a solid pair of statement earrings. It's basically your secret weapon for sprucing up a simple look. Luckily, you can make your own head-turning jewelry with faux pearls and basic supplies.

From dinner dates to girls' nights, a pair of statement earrings is a major gamechanger. They can transform even the most basic tees into a party-worthy look. Heck, they can even make your 9-to-5 outfit ready for happy hour. And when you just don't feel like dealing with your wardrobe, statement jewelry is a lifesaver.

You don't need to spend a pretty penny on new baubles, though. This tutorial proves that you can make a fierce pair of earrings with basic jewelry supplies. No fancy shmancy skills needed, either! To style your new ear candy, wear it with a t-shirt dress or a chunky sweater. Keep your outfit simple and let those babies shine.

Pearl Strand Earring Supplies


  • Faux pearls (5 pairs in various sizes)
  • Flat-backed metal charms (2)
  • Blank earring posts (2)
  • 4mm jump rings (2)
  • Eye pins (8)*
  • Head pins (2)*
  • Strong craft glue (such as E6000)
  • Jewelry pliers

* A head pin is a short strand of wire that has a flat head at the end. A bead can be placed on a head pin. When the rest of the pin is bent into a loop, you're left with a dangling charm. As for an eye pin? This is similar to a head pin but has a loop at one end. That loop can be bent open and attached to other components. Eye pins are useful for making beaded chains, just like in this tutorial.

Follow these six simple steps:

DIY Pearl Strand Earrings Steps 1 & 2

1. Glue the flat-backed charms to the earring posts. Set aside to dry.

2. Add the largest pearl to the head pin. Using the cutting portion of the pliers, trim the pin so that there's about 1/2 inch left. Bend this part sideways.

DIY Pearl Strand Earrings Steps 3 & 4

3. Using the nose tips of the jewelry pliers, bend the pin into a loop.

4. Open up an eye pin by bending the loop outward. Attach it to the loop you just created and bend it shut.

DIY Pearl Strand Earrings Steps 5 & 6

5. Add the second biggest pearl bead to the eye pin. Cut the pin and make a loop. This is the same process from Steps 2 and 3.

5. Add another eye pin (like you did in step 4) and continue growing the pearl strand. The last bead should be the smallest one. Once you've connected all five beads, a single strand is done. Repeat everything once more to create a second pearl strand.

DIY Pearl Strand Earrings

6. Using the 4mm jump rings, attach the pearl strands to the charms. You're basically using the charms upside down as stud earrings.

How easy was that? The next time your outfit needs a facelift, just throw on your new earrings and go!