Make This DIY Statement Necklace with Only Two Materials

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Make This DIY Statement Necklace with Only Two Materials

Your hardware store may provide you with building materials, but did you know it's one of the best places to find jewelry-making supplies, too? Check out this DIY statement necklace using copper tubing!

Copper Tubing Necklace

Inspired by a Lizze Fortunato necklace, this DIY statement necklace is the easiest jewelry project you'll ever make. It takes less than 30 minutes to create, and you need only two materials: an elastic ribbon and some copper piping from your local hardware store. Depending on the width of the elastic ribbon, you can add beads to further personalize your necklace.

Copper Tubing Necklace: Materials

Materials: 1 yard of elastic ribbon, 2 safety pins, and various lengths of copper piping (found at local hardware store; ask them to cut the pieces to the sizes you want if necessary)

Copper Tubing Necklace: Steps 1-2

1. Fold the ribbon in half, and attach a safety pin to each end of the ribbon.

2. Thread one safety pin through the smallest section of pipe, and center it in the middle of the length of ribbon. You will eventually trim the ribbon to the length you want.

Copper Tubing Necklace: Steps 3-4

3. Thread the middle-sized pipe through the left end of the ribbon. Thread the right end of the ribbon back through the pipe, and pull each end taut. The newly added pipe should now be centered over the first pipe. This is the second layer.

4. Continue adding layers of pipe as desired, threading the ribbon through the pipe for each layer as in step 3.

Copper Tubing Necklace: Steps 5-6

5. Remove the safety pins, and trim the ribbon to the length you want. Check out the original necklace if you're unsure.

6. Finally, tie the ends of the ribbon into a knot. And you're all finished: a simple tribal-looking necklace that won't break the bank.

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