Make It Yourself: Decorative Bobby Pins and Barrettes

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Make It Yourself: Decorative Bobby Pins and Barrettes

Having a bad hair day can send anyone scrambling for a hat. But you don't have to hide bad hair: Tame it with one of these adorable DIY accessory projects. These decorative bobby pins and barrettes are smart, stylish, and totally personal. Here's how to make your own.

decorative bobby pins & barettes

It's time to get creative in the hair department, ladies! Adding decorative bobby pins and barrettes to your accessory repertoire can open up a world of possibilities when it comes to styling your tresses. Make these DIY accessories and see how each can jazz up your next ponytail, messy top knot, or half updo. (And if DIY isn't your thing, shop these clips or barrettes for fall!)


Materials: needle-nose pliers, earrings (Claire's), hot-glue gun and hot-melt adhesive, bobby pins (found at the local drugstore)

1. Using a pair of needle-nose pliers, clamp onto the earring post and gently move it back and forth until the post detaches from the back of the earring.

2. Dab a small amount of hot glue to the flat side of the bobby pin. Adhere the crystal cluster onto the glue. Let dry overnight.


Materials: paintbrush or foam brush; ModPodge decoupage medium; barrettes (found at the local drugstore); loose glitter; ModPodge clear acrylic sealer

1. Using a paintbrush or foam brush, swipe on a liberal amount of ModPodge decoupage medium to the back of the barrette. To prevent streaking, swipe the foam brush back and forth multiple times to remove any bubbles, creating a smooth surface of adhesive. ModPodge will apply white but dry clear.

2. Generously sprinkle glitter until the entire barrette is covered. Allow to dry before coating with an acrylic sealer. This will keep the glitter in place.


Materials: bracelet and barrette (Claire's); hot-glue gun and hot-melt adhesive

1. Remove letters from silicone bracelet or start out with single letters to form your word. (You can buy them at a crafts store or repurpose your bracelets.)

2. Dab hot glue on the back of each letter, and press firmly to the barrette. Be careful not to use too much glue because it will ooze out of the sides and look messy. Let dry.

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Brush up on your bobby pin basics in this video: