Make a Statement: DIY Dangle Earrings

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Make a Statement: DIY Dangle Earrings

What’s one of the easiest and most beautiful ways to take an outfit to the next level? Accessorize it with a gorgeous pair of statement earrings, of course! They can take you from “great” to “WOW!” in seconds. Statement earrings are everywhere today, from edgy shapes to bold-colored rhinestones to sparkling iridescent drops. What’s fun about statement earrings is that the possibilities are endless. So why not make your own pair perfectly suited to your style? I’ll show you an easy way to make your own DIY dangle earrings that you’ll be able to rock with confidence!

DIY Statement Earrings

Start by gathering the materials you'll need for your DIY dangle earrings. You can find most of these materials at a crafts supply store, or check online for wholesale sources if you plan to make several pairs.

The dangle part of the earrings are pendants most commonly sold as necklace parts, but if you find a pendant that catches your eye, consider using two of them for earrings. The ones I used for this tutorial are from Hobby Lobby, and they had lots of other great pendants to offer. Here are a few more of my faves for inspiration: pearl and rhinestone, red flower, black and gold triangle, brass circle and rhinestone chandelier.

I used sparkly rhinestone shapes for the stud portion of the earrings. Find some pretty shapes—teardrop, square, or rectangle—that would look good with your pendants. Be sure they have loops so you can hang your pendants! This Etsy seller has a good selection.

DIY Statement Earrings Supplies

  • E6000 crafts glue
  • Earring posts and backs: Get backs with plastic pads for extra support for large earrings. Remember to match your metals; gold with gold, silver with silver.
  • Two pendants
  • Two rhinestones with loops
  • Long-nose pliers
  • Toothpicks
  • Jump rings (optional): Most pendants will come with a jump ring, but if yours don't, be sure to grab some that match your design.


DIY Statement Earrings Steps 1-2

1. It's a good idea to glue the earring posts on the back of your rhinestone piece first so you have a nice flat surface before you start adding on other pieces. Use a toothpick to get a glob of your E6000 glue and spread on the post.

2. Gently adhere the post at the exact spot you'd like the earrings to be worn. I ended up turning my teardrops upside down, so I placed the posts at the base of the shape. Repeat twice for each earring. Let the glue settle on your earrings for a bit, so you don't risk moving them while working on the rest of the piece.

DIY Statement Earrings Step 3

3. Using your long-nose pliers, pry open the jump ring on your pendant just enough so that the rhinestone loop will slide on. Once it's connected, squeeze shut the jump ring so it's nice and secure. Repeat for both earrings.

Once everything is totally dry, you can add the earring backs to your finished pieces. Now you can rock your fun, sparkly DIY dangle earrings and turn heads wherever you go! Below is a Pin-able version of all the steps and the finished project.

DIY Statement Earrings Step-by-Step

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