Make These DIY Stacked Leather Earrings And Embrace Your Love For Geometric Shapes

by More.com Editors

Make These DIY Stacked Leather Earrings And Embrace Your Love For Geometric Shapes

Making leather jewelry doesn’t have to be complicated. With this DIY tutorial, you can use tiny bits of leather scraps to make a pair of statement earrings. The mod-inspired vibe will add a pop to any outfit!


If you’ve ever dabbled in DIY, you probably know all about leftover craft supplies. It can get pretty overwhelming, to say the least! But before you head for the trash, check out this earring project. You can easily turn leather scraps into unique earrings that make a statement. Geometric lovers, this one’s for you.


And if you don’t have leather scraps on hand? You can still make this DIY. Craft stores are home to small segments of leather, giving you enough material to make multiple pairs of earrings. Many artists also sell their colorful leather scraps on Etsy. This is an awesome way to get creative and recycle at the same time.


Once you master this project, make a few pairs for your girl gang! You can also give them as birthday or holdiay gifts. There’s nothing better than handmade jewelry, after all.


Geometric Earring Materials




  • Leather scraps
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Leather hole punch
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Earring hooks (2)
  • 4mm jump rings (12)


Stacked Leather Earrings Steps 1 & 2


1. Using the pen and ruler, trace at least 2 geometric shapes on to the paper. Cut out. You can even cut out a few shapes and re-arrange them until you find an earring design you love.

2. Trace two of each shape on to the back side of the leather scraps. If you can, save time by lining up two of the same shapes against each other. This way, cutting one side of one shape will also cut the other. Check out the triangle example above.

Tip: If the leather is too dark to trace on, simply hold the template on top and cut around it. A small piece of double-sided tape can help it stay in place.


Stacked Leather Earrings Steps 3 & 4

3. Repeat until you have cut out all of the shapes necessary.

4. Mark the spots that will be punched with holes. Don’t make the holes too close to the edge, though. The leather can rip!


Stacked Leather Earrings Steps 5 & 6


5. Using the leather hole punch, pierce each shape. If you’ve never used a leather hole punch before, practice on a remnant. This will help you figure out the appropriate level of pressure and force.


Tip: Again, if the leather is too dark to mark with the pen, stack another piece on top of it. Make sure the edges are lined up.


6. Connect the leather shapes with 4mm jump rings. Attach a earring hook to the top piece. Repeat Steps 1 through 6 to create the second earring.


Tutorial Photos: Kirsten Nunez
Lifestyle Photo: Haruka Sakaguchi