Make Your Own: Chain Cascade DIY Earrings

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Make Your Own: Chain Cascade DIY Earrings

Edgy earrings like these are a must for any diverse jewelry collection! If you want to fill up your jewelry box without emptying your bank account, all you need to do is get creative. With some simple jewelry-making skills and supplies, these easy, versatile DIY earrings can be yours.

DIY Earrings

When it comes to DIY earrings, customization is the name of the game, and these cascading chain earrings are perfect for just that. It's easy to get a pair of earrings that are uniquely your own, just vary the types, lengths, or numbers of chains. You can even use different chains to give your earrings a mixed metal look. I chose a black and gold chain I thought would be edgy and match everything.

DIY Earrings: Materials

Materials: Any kind of chain (enough for both earrings), wire cutters, chain-nose pliers, two 12mm jump rings, two 6mm jump rings, two French wire earring hooks

DIY Earrings: Step 1-2

1. Using your wire cutters, cut your chain into sections and lay them out in the order you'd like them to hang from your earring. I chose to arrange my chains with the longest chains in the middle. But you may choose to keep them all the same length, arrange them from long to short, or randomize the order.

2. Using the chain-nose pliers, open the larger jump ring—I used 12mm ones—and add your chain strips in the order you arranged them in step 1. Close and secure the jump ring.

DIY Earrings: Step 3-4

3. Add a small jump ring—I used 6mm—to the large jump ring. This will connect to your earring hook.

4. Add a French wire earring hook to the small jump ring, and close the jump ring.

DIY Earrings: Step 5

5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for the second earring. You're now ready to rock your very own pair of DIY earrings!

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