Make Your Own: Charm Bangle Bracelets

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Make Your Own: Charm Bangle Bracelets

The latest bracelet craze is here, and we've DIY'd it. Inspired by Alex & Ani, these stackable and collectible charm bangle bracelets are the perfect addition to any arm party. Plus, you can customize your charms to document your hobbies and travels!

Charm Bracelet

These DIY bangle bracelets are perfect — and easy — updates to any collection and thoughtful gifts for birthdays and bridal showers. In fact, they were inspired by the gift I made for my bridesmaids this summer. They were great accents on the big day, and — after swapping out a few of the more obvious bridal charms — they made stylish accessories for all the days after. Plus, I found all the supplies at my local craft store, including a plethora of charms to pick from.

Charm Bracelet: Materials

Materials: 7" gold wire, gold headpins, small charms (with jump rings), beads, pliers (round, chain, and clippers)

Charm Bracelet: Step 1

1. To create your bangle bracelet base, round both tips of the wire away from each other as shown. Using the pliers, grip one hook and twist it so it is perpendicular to the opposite hook. This will create the clasp of the bracelet.

Charm Bracelet: Step 2

2. Slip a headpin through one of your chosen beads. Fold the wire at an angle, and hold the end of the pin with a pair of round pliers. Then wrap it around the tip of the pliers, creating a loop, and snip the excess wire. Create loops for each bead. Your charms should come with jump rings, but if yours don't, simply purchase jump rings at your local craft store. Take one jump ring, open it with chain-nose pliers, thread the charm loop, and close to secure the loop.

Charm Bracelet: Step 3

3. Finally, string your looped beads and charms onto the open bangle bracelet base.

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