Make Your Own: Chevron or Bar DIY Necklace

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Make Your Own: Chevron or Bar DIY Necklace

Layering necklaces is a fun and versatile way to show off your jewelry, and now you can add a DIY necklace of your own to the mix! Follow along to create a dainty chevron or bar necklace you can layer and wear every day for a sleek, minimalist look.

Chevron Necklace

Chevron is everywhere these days, but this easy DIY necklace is a great way to it them into your ensemble without going overboard. If you don't like the chevron look, you can also use this tutorial to create a plain bar necklace. Feel free to experiment with different layers of bars, connected by jump rings, for different looks. Whatever you come up with, your necklace or necklaces will be perfect for layering with other necklaces or each other!

Chevron Necklace: Materials

Materials: Chain of your choice, chain-nose pliers, different sizes of jump rings, lobster clasp, wire cutters, double-eye pin connectors (bars)

Chevron Necklace: Steps 1-2

1. Take one piece of chain and, using your pliers, secure a small jump ring at one end and connect to a bar.

2. Connect another jump ring to the free end of the attached bar, and attach a second bar to make a chevron. Note: Skip this step if you want a straight bar necklace.

Chevron Necklace: Steps 3-4

3. Using your pliers, connect the second bar—or the first bar if you're making a straight bar necklace—to a second piece of chain with a small jump ring. The two lengths of chain should be the same so the necklace will hang with the bar or bars in the center.

4. Feel free to leave your necklace with one chevron, but you can continue to add layers—connecting them with jump rings as shown—until you like how it looks. I ended up with three layers.

Chevron Necklace: Step 5

5. Using a small jump ring, connect a lobster clasp to one end of the chain, and on the other end, attach a large jump ring. Your necklace is now ready to mix and match!

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