Make Your Own: Easy Labradorite Necklace

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Make Your Own: Easy Labradorite Necklace

Crystals, geodes, sparkling druzy (druse), and iridescent gems have been dominating jewelry recently. And now you can jump on the trend without breaking the bank. This DIY labradorite necklace is the perfect addition to any raw-crystal jewelry collection.

Labradorite Necklace

Labradorite is a unique and beautiful gemstone that has a lovely green-blue to gold-brown sheen to it. It's great for a dainty layering necklace and looks particularly good in yellow gold. Show off this gorgeous stone by choosing a pendant with a great color and iridescence. Look for a labradorite "connector" for this necklace—something with a hook on each end to attach to jump rings to use as a pendant. I chose a rectangular one from Etsy for my labradorite necklace, which is a great resource for these pieces.

Labradorite Necklace: Materials

Materials: labradorite connector, 4 jump rings, chain-nose pliers, necklace chain, wire cutters, and lobster clasp,

Labradorite Necklace: Steps 1-2

1. Using the chain-nose pliers, attach a jump ring to one end of the labradorite connector.

2. Using the wire cutters, cut the necklace chain into two equal strands, about 8 to 9 inches each. Attach one of the strands to the jump ring.

Labradorite Necklace: Steps 3-4

3. Attach the other strand to the other jump ring.

4. At the ends of each chain, attach a jump ring. On one of the chains, attach a lobster clasp to the jump ring to complete the necklace.

Your labradorite necklace is complete for you to show off the beautiful gemstone! For more of Kelly's jewelry inspiration and DIY projects, visit A Sparkle Affair.