Make Your Own: Multi-Layered DIY Statement Necklace

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Make Your Own: Multi-Layered DIY Statement Necklace

Big, layered statement necklaces are everywhere right now, with designer DYLANLEX pioneering the movement. We love their bold, multiple-necklace looks, but they also come with a hefty price tag. So, we went a more inexpensive route: breathing new life into some old necklaces to get this DIY statement necklace.

Layered Statement Necklace

The key to creating your own bold, layered necklace is simple: Just connect multiple necklaces or chains together. Using the necklaces you want, decide what order to layer them in, and determine what method will best connect them (more on this below). For my necklace, I used a chunky chain as the base and layered some vintage rhinestone necklaces to hang under the chain. The result is a fun, sparkly DIY statement necklace!

Layered Statement Necklace: Materials

Materials: A chain and necklaces for your necklace, wire cutters, E6000 craft glue or jump rings and needle-nose pliers if desired.

Layered Statement Necklace: Steps 1-2

1. Use a chunky, strong chain as your base. Try to use a chain that already has a lobster clasp on it; otherwise, buy those pieces and attach them separately. Then find the middle of your chain, and center your first layer to line up with it.

2. Using wire cutters, cut the first layer to the length you want. I kept mine about half the width of the base chain.

Layered Statement Necklace: Steps 3-4

3. Connect the first layer to the base chain. Depending on the style of your chain, you can use either jump rings or glue to hold the layers together. Use your discretion to analyze what will work best. Because vintage rhinestone necklaces have a nice flat edge along the top, I decided to use a heavy-duty metal glue (E6000). Apply glue along the top edge, and press against the base chain.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for your each layer you add. Make sure to strategically use jump rings or glue on the points where you want the layers to lay flat between the chains. If you're using glue, allow ample time for each layer to dry before adding the next one.

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