Make Your Own: Statement Pendant Necklace

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Make Your Own: Statement Pendant Necklace

The runways have spoken, and the pendant necklace is one of the hottest jewelry trends for spring 2015! Easily update any outfit with one of the many variations of this classic stunner DIY by using natural elements, vintage hardware, and, of course, a bit of sparkle.

Statement Pendant Necklace

Are you obsessed with jewelry but unsure how to accessorize a bold outfit? Complement your latest look with this delicate pendant necklace, or layer it with multiple necklaces! Plus, this jewelry piece is so easy to customize. Make a bolder statement by swapping out the charm for a dark stone, or have fun with staining your wood disc. To create more texture, try using larger jump rings and a fabric rope instead of a gold chain. The possibilities are endless with this easy DIY pendant necklace!

Statement Pendant Necklace: Materials

Materials: E6000 glue, a blank metal stamping disk, a wooden disk (slightly larger than the metal disk, stone or charm (I used an old earring, removing the earring back with pliers), 4 jump rings, lobster clasp, jewelry pliers, 32" gold chain

Statement Pendant Necklace: Steps 1-2

1. Squeeze a small dot of E6000 glue on the back of the metal disk. Place it on the wooden disk, allowing the top portion of the metal disk to hang off.

2. Put a small dab of glue onto the back of your stone or charm. Be careful not to use too much glue: When you press down, the glue should not spread past the stone. Gently place the charm on top of the wooden/metal pendant you created in step 1. Before the glue dries, center the stone as much as possible.

Statement Pendant Necklace: Steps 3-4

3. Attach the lobster clasp to the gold chain with a jump ring by opening the ring with jewelry pliers, slipping the end of the gold chain and the clasp through the ring, and closing. Attach a second jump ring to the pendant through the hole in the metal disk. Hook a third jump ring through the second ring, and close. Thread the gold chain through the third ring.

4. Secure the necklace by adding the fourth jump ring to the opposite end of the chain with jewelry pliers.

Statement Pendant Necklace: Step 5

5. Allow the pendant to completely dry—it'll take roughly one hour—before wearing. To wear, attach the lobster clasp to the fourth jump ring.

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