Maria Sharapova: Couture on the Court?

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Maria Sharapova: Couture on the Court?

Maria Sharapova, noted tennis player and sex symbol, lost at day one of the Australian Open this past weekend.  But her performance was more overshadowed by what she was wearing!

Maria opted to wear Nike Golden Set Women’s Tennis Dress.

Nike describes it as: “[a] winning look [that] features a printed mesh cover dress that splits up the center and a coordinating, solid-colored jersey dress underneath.  The cover dress features a racer back and V-neckline outlined in delicate ruffles, while the inner dress has adjustable, meant-to-be-seen straps so you can fine-tune your fit. Built-in support in the bust lends comfort and a great fit.”

While I don’t play tennis, and don’t know the tennis dress etiquette.  I think this would be a cute dress to play in and the overlay gives it a less sporty, more flirty look. I LIKE IT!

Many critics didn’t like and went on to say such mean things as:

Busted Racquet: “The chiffon-thingy makes her look like The Little Mermaid circa 1968. Either that or Lillian Gish.” 

Busted Racquet’s fashion plate friend: “It’s bad camo negligee.”

Forty Deuce: “I’m thinking it was cross-marketing.”

Opponent Maria Kirilenko: “It was blue, I think, like POWERade.”

Selected reaction from Twitter: @paulavergara: “I’m guessing Sharapova signed off on her dress design over the phone/sight unseen.”

@GoToTennis: “As much as I hate Sharapova being upset in the first round—I’m relieved that her dress is out of the tournament.”

@ant_cee “Sharapova’s AusOpen dress looks like she got caught in some curtains en route to the court.”

@exodusrex: “uhm…i was pulling for sharapova tonight, but there’s 1 upside to her loss: i don’t have to see that dress again.”

@alejrocha: “She crashed into a peacock.” 

@TruBlu: “that hideous dress was a portent of things to come.”

(Quotes from Yahoo! Sports, Busted Racket)

More meanness: My Fox New York

Well, I say good for Maria for stepping out of boring sports wear and taking a chance.  Keep up the cute dresses! 

What do you think of Maria’s Nike dress?