Mary Birdsong: A Tasty Mix of Style and Talent

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Mary Birdsong: A Tasty Mix of Style and Talent

Let’s face it, any gal who can flawlessly channel Judy Garland, as she did in the recent Broadway hit Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me; mirandarize scum as bible-thumping DeputyCheresa Kimball in Comedy Central’s Reno 911!; and rock out as hot chick singer Ninety-nine Cent Whore (who also happens to be assistant night manager of the Ninety-nine Cent store), must have a bedazzling amount of pizzazz to match her tremendous talent—that’s why we adore the delicious Mary Birdsong!

Barbara Herel: Describe your personal style.

Mary Birdsong: Girly/tough with a side of vintage. And a retro chaser.

BH: All-time favorite pieces in your wardrobe?

MB: I have a crazy canary yellow knee-length dress (cotton) from the late 70’s that looks like an old bank teller’s uniform or maybe a stewardess’ uniform, with a super-wide collar that buttons up the front. For some reason, I’m a whole new woman whenever I put it on. The color is so bright, I’m like a walking alarm clock. I also have a pretty vintage navy blue satin slip I wear as a dress, which looks elegant with heels and pearls or casual with sandals and a jean jacket. This winter in New York City, I was rockin’ a pair of industrial strength knee-high army green rubber rain boots. At first, they were merely functional to keep all the rain and snow out. They were like SUV’s for my feet. But soon I was wearing them even when I didn’t NEED to. I was like a little kid who likes to wear their Spider-Man Halloween costume to school every day for a month. But those boots were fun to pair with a really feminine skirt and a kitschy t-shirt to give myself a sort of salty/sweet look.

BH: Where do you love to shop?

MB: Vintage shops and thrift shops. I also adore Anthropologie. It’s like porn to me. I can get so overwhelmed with excitement in the Anthropologie store at The Grove in L.A. that I have to pace myself and practically whip out a paper bag to breathe into. I actually believe the people at The Grove very cleverly put a FOREVER 21 directly across from Anthropologie as a sort of methadone to the heroine of Anthropologie. I use Forever 21 as my cool down. After getting all riled up with all the adorable dresses across the street, I’ll make a beeline for Forever 21 and get myself a pair of ten-dollar shoes that look oh so 1983 and all is well.

BH: What fall trend will find its way into your closet?

MB: If I told you I was even aware of what the fall trends ARE, I’d be a liar. And I’m no liar, ladies! Truthfully, I am not really a trend-follower. In fact, if I am told by a magazine what I am SUPPOSED to wear? It makes me want to wear exactly the opposite. I think each woman needs to pick from the trends that serve her particular look and shape and spirit. Besides, it’s embarrassing to go to a party and see two women who obviously read the same article about how ____ is really IN right now. I think we’d all be better off dressing in what excites us as individuals. Like kids. Can you imagine if we all got to wear our Spider-Man costumes, how awesome that would be?

BH: Does the 99 Cent Whore shop anywhere else besides the 99 Cent store?

MB: BARNEYS. (She’s done very well for herself with her low rates.) Just kidding. She’s also been known to put together some real cute outfits from Wal-Mart, Costco, and even Rite Aid. (HUGE selection of flip-flops and tube tops!)

BH: Deputy Kimball?

MB: Army Navy store. Timberland. L.L. Bean.

BH: Any great jewelry finds?

MB: I recently was given a really big gift certificate for Erica Courtney (EricaCourtney.com), this amazing jewelry store in Beverly Hills, and I picked out the most expensive ring I ever had in my life—it was three digits!!!  I lost it the first day I wore it. It’s gone. Poof. I think I better stick with thrift shops. And the 99 Cent store. P.S. I think the interviewer is super-cute and very elegantly dressed.