Michelle Obama’s Dress: “Change, Baby, Change”

by admin

Michelle Obama’s Dress: “Change, Baby, Change”

With “change” the heart of Obama’s campaign, where was the advisor who should have said, “Change” to Michelle Obama upon seeing her in the attention-getting, red and black dress she wore for her husband’s acceptance speech?

“Michelle’s Style Mixes Jackie with Hillary,” is one of the observations I disagree with. Michelle is, as pundits commonly say only about women, “a person in her own right.” I don’t expect to see her in a pillbox, long white gloves, or a figure-hiding pantsuit. The dress, I imagined, was her way of conveying a message—if only to those conversant with semaphore code—“Eat your heart out, Sarah. I’m going to be seeing The Smithsonian from my window!”

The red may have been a statement that the Obama family is, indeed, reaching across the aisle, starting by wearing red, so long the property of Republicans. Or it could be that Sarah Palin, who we’re now learning spent tens of thousands more on clothing than was reported, had cleaned out the stores and this was the only thing she left for the first lady elect.

There are, to be sure, more critical things to consider, but with Mr. Blackwell gone, someone has to say, “Change, baby, change.”