Model Modesty in Senior Pictures

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Model Modesty in Senior Pictures

A daughter’s Senior year can be a time of great stress or the best time of her life. Seniors get to participate in many activities that are geared towards only them, celebrating their successful leap from child to adult. Senior Prom, Senior Skip Day, Graduation, and Senior Pictures are all part of the process of graduating high school … along with passing grades, of course!

Senior pictures can cause both mother and daughter stress as they search together for the perfect outfits that will be immortalized in photo form forever. Often moms and daughters are at odds in determining clothing their daughters wear every day, but especially for Senior Pictures. Mothers of high school seniors are looking for the perfect outfits that advertise their daughter’s style and sparkle but not her figure. With the following tips, you can guide your daughter to being remembered for her uniqueness and beauty, not her body.

Senior pictures are in the thoughts and minds of just about all Seniors nationwide right now. The “in the know” mothers realize that schools and yearbook companies do not wait until the end of the school year to ask for senior portrait submittal. Therefore, Senior pictures are generally taken in the heat of the summer or the warmth of fall, which too easily allows for memorializing many senior girls’ choices of immodest clothing. Yet modest clothing can be modern and hip enough for even the pickiest of teenagers if you know how to put a modest outfit together and where to look for modest clothing.

First, think of the latest layering trend. Hopefully this trend is here to stay, but unfortunately, like most fashion trends, it will phase out eventually. BUT … take advantage of it now! Camisoles, cap-sleeve shirts, and long-length T-shirts have been around for a while and some have probably made it into your closet. This is a great start! Layering a colored camisole underneath what would normally be a too-short shirt, jacket or sweater not only gives modesty, but also adds texture and color to an outfit. Choose a lace-edged camisole and you’ve added even MORE texture. Some teens even put together outfits with several layers: two camisoles of different colors, one lace one plain, topped with a shirt, and then a jacket or hoodie. This look gives color and variety to the waist area when all the different layers show.

Camisoles will also add interest and draw the eye upward to the face when used underneath a shirt or dress that may have a too-low neckline. No wonder teenagers love the styles that layering provides and better yet, moms love the modesty. It’s a win-win for both moms and daughters!

Cap-sleeve shirts are a quick fix to any sleeveless shirt or dress. So called babydoll style tops are in style this year; however, many are sleeveless or have spaghetti-straps. Throw a cap-sleeve tee underneath and you’ve created a modest ensemble that is colorful AND trendy. Just what your daughter wants. And maybe, hopefully … even you!

Second, think of skirt and shirt options. Skirts can be modest without bringing Grandma and her knee-high stockings to mind. A knee-length skirt with a matching blouse or T-shirt is more modest than a dress of the same length. Many seasoned, fashion-conscious women have realized that the dress that is knee-length when worn standing is only mid-thigh when sitting or bending over. A skirt and shirt combination changes this problem from being potentially immodest to being modest, adding versatility as well, since most skirts will have several shirts that match it, altering the look and the style. A skirt can go from semi-formal to semi-casual with the quick change of a satin blouse to a T-shirt and denim jacket. Plus many different looks in-between.

Your daughter will make a statement in her Senior yearbook by being remembered for her style and hip fashion, not her sexuality. Of course, if she wants to be remembered for her sexuality, then you’ve got a problem!