Mormon Wives at Fashion Week?

by admin

Mormon Wives at Fashion Week?

Fashion Week may be more colorful next year as the Mormon wives are getting into the clothing business, introducing a new line of pastel, cotton children’s clothing they’re hoping to sell on their Web site.

This should be a relief to all those parents whose kids had been running around the house demanding, “I want clothes like those!” after seeing the Mormon wives appearing on television.

The entrepreneurs are counting on an interest in modest clothes. Before going into mass production, they should probably visit New York’s Meatpacking District to get an idea of how those who don’t live on a Texas ranch are dressing.

Being offered are dresses, overalls, shirts, pants, nightgowns, sleepers, onesies for babies, and the ever-popular, ankle-to-wrist underwear so many of us have been clamoring for. If there’s a demand, they will consider adding women’s apparel.

If this catches on, look to other religions to start their own labels.