Mr. T: An Android?

by admin

Mr. T: An Android?

While recently battling boredom at work, wishing I was home vegging out to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (a guilty pleasure), a recent re-run reminded me of Mr. T. No, not the muscular chain laden action star of the 1980s action series but a well known dapper real estate mogul, entrepreneur, and general renaissance man. Okay, I threw in the last part to admit I really do like and admire the man and the way he constantly re-invents himself and rises from ashes of near and real financial ruin more times than one. 

I’m not going to get into his preference for younger trophy wives, especially since there wasn’t anything wrong with wife number-one in the first place. She was perfectly fine and has done well without him. Anyways, what puzzles me is this: has the man ever been photographed without his hair coiffed to perfection and wearing an expensive suit and tie? Seriously, I have never seen him in anything but a suit and tie. I can’t make my brain picture him in bed, definitely not going there, but nor can I see him in any mode of attire short of his famous suit and tie, with the exception of polo shirt and khakis, no cut-offs, no concert tee, no tank top, and most definitely no sleeveless flannel shirts, like someone else who will remain nameless. 

So, maybe he is an android? Maybe there’s a mannequin type body underneath? Maybe he is programmed to wear only a suit and tie and would self-destruct if ever seen in public wearing anything else? A mystery indeed, well back to work. Sigh.