The New Game

by admin

The New Game

I wrote months ago about how I wonder how to have more time in my hands while doing nothing. I did not know what to do with it, when I can do my chores and responsibilities with my eyes close. I finally found my something that would fill my vacant hours so to speak. I’ve launched a business … an online business. My products are dresses! 

The funny thing about this is I have been a poor dresser. Well, I can wear a dress elegantly if I need to, but I am the laziest person in the world when it comes to dressing up! This could be a product of being a busy working mom that I don’t find joy in dressing up unless I need too. Yes, I can be in my jeans and shirt and talk to anyone whether he’s a janitor or the Top Honcho for all I care. It is like this; I need to have a top reason why I should dress up and even wear make up! I am content with how I look.

But the mother of this woman was a great dresser. Oh, how she would spend time dressing up from shoes to the dress to her make up every day! How I remembered she was so disappointed that I never learned to love the game of dressing up! When I was little, I really hated how I was forced to wear that raffled dress she bought for Sunday mass. It was itchy. I would rather have been in shorts back then, playing than going to church in black—that hurts my feet. My mom never goes out without eyeliner even if she only has to go out and water her garden.

Anyway, back to me; whether I love dressing up or not, it doesn’t really matter, because I realize that I can pick out good clothes and great styles that I could sell. I was able to sell! This is just a small business, in fact, I am just starting out. I am having a great time and it really fills my hours to the point that I don’t want to leave home anymore since it is online. But I like to check on my store from time to time in a day; I am thrilled to see who dropped by and checked on my store and even feel disappointed with the only checking and transactions made. This made me think on how to promote my store or evaluate whether my choices are really as I thought so or not. But these down feelings are trickling whenever someone buys. A fashion blogger at that!! Tee hee. I feel like I am in a new game.