Nostalgia for Vintage Clothing Buyers

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Nostalgia for Vintage Clothing Buyers

Remember when? That’s a question that always makes us stop for a moment and reflect back on times past. Here’s a bit of “remember when” for all of you vintage clothing buyers out there. Perhaps you recall some of this or maybe it’s before your time, but this is what America used to be like in decades past:

The year the Beatles came to American and official beginning of the Rock era. The country was still reeling from the death of JFK and Lyndon B. Johnson was President. A new home went for an average price of $20,500, gas was 30 cents a gallon and a first class postage stamp was 5 cents. The fashion world was undergoing a change as tighter fitting, more revealing attire became popular with the younger generation. Vintage clothing from 1964 includes narrow coats, slimming Tiana B. dresses, and pleated skirts.

The year of Watergate which ultimately ended in Nixon’s resignation, 1974 was a fashion year that saw a renewed emphasis on quality and durability. The Arab oil embargo brought gas prices up to 53 cents and the cost of a new home rose to $38,900. Times were tough for many but 1974 was also known in the fashion world as the year of the print explosion. Vintage clothing from this era is often bright, colorful, and very well-made.

Ah, the eighties! Vintage fashions from 1984 are probably the most in demand on the market today. A cultural mix of power suit wearing Dallas and Dynasty fans clashed with the “material girl” image of Madonna and the hot new look of the Lycra Mini Skirt. Reagan was President, gas was $1.21 a gallon, postage stamps were 20 cents, and homes were still available for a mere $97,600.

A year marked by the tragic death of Kurt Cobain, 1994 saw the advent of both Grunge and Goth fashions, both vintage clothing constants today. The first George Bush was President and homes were selling for an average of $149,800. Gas had held steady and was actually selling for slightly less than it had a decade earlier, just $1.16 a gallon. Platform shoes made a come-back and babydoll dresses offered women a sexy and comfortable new look.

What new fashions of today will become popular vintage clothing tomorrow? Only time will tell. Take advantage of the vintage clothing from the past now and enjoy a few nostalgic memories of your own.