Office Attire

by admin

Office Attire

Women, myself included, want economic parity with men. But the more I look at what is happening in the world today, the more I can’t help wondering. I wonder if what women really want is selective or convenient equality. As a woman, I am aware of the fact that what I am about to say might amount to feminine heresy, but here goes.

As I ride the trains here in NYC or walk down the street, I watch people going and coming from work and it strikes me the rules are different. Why is that? In my humble opinion, either the rules apply to everyone, or they don’t apply to anyone. And why are the rules different simply because of an X chromosome.

Women wear Capri pants or shorts at work. Men don’t.
Women wear tank tops and sandals at work. Men would never do that.
Women wear low cut blouses exposing their shoulders, backs, cleavage, and armpits.
Men would never expose their toes, shoulders, and armpits at the office. Why should women?
Women often dress as though they are going to the beach rather than the office, and then complain that the AC is set too high.

Women go on job interviews ready to begin their careers in Corporate America wearing the requisite blue suit but the minute they get the job, BAM! They dress as though they are going to the beach. And, mystery upon mystery, we wonder why we aren’t taken seriously on the job.

Men may not wear suits to work as often as they once did and that’s OK, but they still wear neckties in the office and they never, ever dress for the weekend during the workweek.

Don’t think I am a prude. I have no problem with what has become known as corporate casual. But that doesn’t mean arriving at work dressed like you are planning a weekend trip at the Hamptons. Many people have debated this point with me and proudly announce that attire doesn’t determine competence. I agree, to a degree, but perception is reality. Come on, ladies, fair is fair.