Oh, to Be a City Girl!

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Oh, to Be a City Girl!

Isn’t life wonderful knowing every flower is growing just for you?

The city girl philosophy is everything a city girl should know about shoes, love, friends, fun, men, careers, shopping, and all other things needed to live a simply stunning life.

A city girl breezes through her days, bounding from handsome man to shoe store, always looking fabulous. She would love to meet you for lunch as long as the café doesn’t clash with her ensemble. She will even save you a seat in the good lighting, unless of course, there’s only room for one.

Her style is discernable from head to toe, though it is far more than her clothes. Naturally, they are stunning, but it is her view of the world, which is all her own—and very well color coordinated.

To be a city girl and live an “Oh, so fabulous!” life, there are simply things that must be—strong martinis, strong men, even stronger women, and your hat, shoes, bag, and dog should always match.

A city girl knows your best friends are the ones who make you laugh until you snort. Not at all crass, as long as your martini does not come out your nose.

She has the perfect attitude for all situations:

Shopping: When?

Desserts: Yes, thank you. 

Careers: Expense account lunches.

Boys: Yummy.

Martinis: Dry.  

Sense of Humor: Dry.

Kisses: Just a little wet.

To live in a City Girl world is not just where you live—it’s a state of mind. You can actually be a City Girl if you have a yard larger than a window box or have even seen a cow in real life.

Bold, beautiful, daring, fascinating, fantastic—if there is a word that describes being enviable in any way, it describes being a City Girl. She is a palatable princess and a delightful diva.

Like a well-cut diamond, a City Girl has many facets, each one brilliant. She knows the least she can do is share her wonderfulness with the world as it revolves around her. But as brightly as her fabulousness may shine, it never singes. A rude City Girl is simply rude, and soon tarnishes her own appeal.

She agrees practicality can be a wonderful thing, as long as it doesn’t interfere with things looking good. A City Girl tends to choose form over function. If the dress looks good, it doesn’t matter if it’s larger than the car that’s taking you to the party. That’s what limos are for.

However, bigger isn’t always better.

Expense accounts, closets, and slices of cake—Yes.

Debts, heartbreaks, or your hair—No.

The city girl philosophy shares diamonds and pearls of wisdom about being divine and helps answer nagging little questions like: Why am I so fabulous? Is there such a thing as too many shoes? Who invented bad lighting, and can we have him arrested?

So, if you are confident in being a little “girly,” a little naughty, and completely divine, let the city girl philosophy assist you in making your life a bit more fabulous, with a city girl view of how things should be. Your hat, shoes, bag, and dog should always match.

Life is a Runway

A city girl starts every day with the bare essential of life: not being bare. Whether your closet is walk-in, crammed-in, or in its own wing, greet it with a smile you would give your dearest friend. After all, this is your arsenal for outfitting, wardrobing, costuming, and putting the hot in hottie, but with style far beyond her fashion—even when bare, a city girl’s style is still there.

Luckily, having style isn’t only the pleasure of city girls with gobs of money. Money doesn’t buy taste—just look at Vegas—and cheap doesn’t mean bad. (Unless you’re referring to your date, or worse, your date’s cologne. Ewh!) But, cheap does not mean good. Good means good, and good and cheap means lucky. So why not buy two?

Having a signature style often involves a signature color, but always in moderation. A city girl loves to have her world match, but never in a matchy-matchy way. Looking like a freshly dipped egg is, oh, so unappealing. Even if you love the color, wearing it head to toe may cause onlookers to use words like banana, blue bird, or green giant in reference to your appearance. These are not good things.

As well as she knows “Wow!” a city girl has a keen eye for subtle and knows there is a myriad of possibilities within any hue. For example, the category of Light Pink is really so much more: there’s Pale, Blush, Pale-Pale, Hint, Morning Dew, Powder Puff, even Hint-of-the-Idea-of-Pink. However, this concept of color does not apply to beige. One can barely say the word without forming an expression to match.

Beige is dull, bland, and blah. It’s the color of things that don’t have enough sense to have a real name. So, never wear beige. Ever. In a world where you can have buff, cream, ecru, fawn, neutral, sand, stone, tawny, or taupe, why? Oh, why? Would you settle for calling anything beige? Unless maybe to describe the personality of an ex.

Never wear beige. Ever.

A city girl’s eye also knows when things are close but not quite. This is especially important in the area of black. Trying to get away with a good black, paired with a one-too-many-times-at-the-cleaners black is always an Oops. Exception: You haven’t made it to the cleaners, and it is your only option other than a teal sequined bolero jacket that’s still hiding in the back of your closet taking up valuable real estate. To avoid this, simply stop for a bit of shopping any time the dry cleaner is so foolish as to not be open when you’ve arrived.

Concerning closet space: It’s like air, you can’t live without it, and it’s better if it’s clean. If your wardrobe is choking on last season’s not-working-this-season items and articles that have erroneous, if not ridiculous emotional attachments, you can barely breathe, let alone put together something divine. 

This is exactly why periodically pruning your closet is needed. An ensemble purge creates empty hangers, which is good for two reasons:

1. A few empty hangers will keep you from ever feeling the slightest bit guilty for having too many clothes—as if you could.

2. Empty hangers are the universe’s way of telling you it’s time to go shopping.

Closet slimming cannot only cure things that are out of style, but out of fit. Occasionally, clothes have the audacity to stop being your size. When things stop fitting you perfectly, don’t fight with them, just break up, let go, and go shopping. The same goes for men.

Image Courtesy of ©Karn Knutson

Reprinted with permission of Red Wheel/Weiser LLC. City Girl Philosophy by Karn Knutson is available wherever books are sold or directly from the publisher.