Olivia Palermo Style: 28 of Her Most Fashionable Looks

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Olivia Palermo Style: 28 of Her Most Fashionable Looks

Let’s face it: We all want to have Olivia Palermo style. She’s classic yet daring and loves neutrals but embraces bold prints. Plus, she’s the queen of sunglasses and attention-grabbing accessories. Here are 28 times Palermo proved she is an insanely fashionable human.


Eclectic Prints



Don't be afraid to mix unlikely pieces together. A structured bubblegum-pink jacket, leopard-print skirt, and camouflage heels create one fabulously eclectic outfit.


Modern Flair



This white dress with black grid lines is contemporary and feminine. We especially love how Palermo paired this modern style with a yellow snakeskin clutch.


All-Around Sophistication



We love this blinged-out, military-inspired jacket for its feather details and sheer sleeves. Here, Palermo wears caramel shorts atop opaque tights for a sophisticated winter look.


Turquoise Details



As usual, Palermo spices up a classic style with ease. A funky turquoise necklace and a color-coordinating floral handbag make this white shirtdress feel more modern.


Wild Prints



This structured garment looks amazing in an unexpected vibrant print. We love how Palermo contrasted hers with black loafers decorated with feminine flowers.


Flapper Fringe



With a fringe hemline reminiscent of a ’20s flapper, Palermo rocks an all-black look including fabulous heels and a small, black clutch.


Quirky Accents



Palermo took a classic collared shirt and paired it with a black skirt, but, of course, she selected one with a candy-red border and accessorized it with an emerald clutch and funky sandals.





Using a red-white-and-blue ombré handbag as her guide, Palermo complemented a bright blue blazer with burgundy jeans to create a casual ensemble.


Cobalt Heels



If there's one thing we've learned, it's that Palermo isn't afraid of color. She adds pizzazz to a stylish but modest outfit with cobalt blue heels and a corresponding sparkly clutch.


Tulle Skirt



A plain black top instantly becomes elegant when paired with a pretty, white tulle skirt like this one. We also love the added black-and-white accessories in contrasting prints.


Unlikely Combinations



From the bold sweater to the leatherlike pants to the colorful accessories, we love how Palermo combines unlikely pieces and adds a pretty designer handbag to polish off the look.


Glam Garments



This fashionable lady adds sparkle whenever possible. And this glittery black dress and leopard heels are the perfect blend of dazzling and chic.


Masculine Street Style



Combining a gray sweatshirt, leather pants, and a suit coat, Palermo takes a casual, masculine approach to street style. Of course, she adds a pop of color with a printed crimson scarf.


Sky-High Boots



It seems like every fashionable celeb owns that monogrammed Burberry poncho, but Palermo really grabs our attention by pairing it with mismatched plaids and over-the-knee boots.


Sleeveless Blazer



We know Palermo loves black and white, but she really enhances these classic colors with a gold sleeveless blazer.





White-on-white is a clean-cut and modern combo for summer. Keep things interesting by adding pops of color. Palermo did so using a clutch with a punch of orange and sunglasses with blue mirror lenses.





We’re obsessed with this Western-chic look. Feminine details like a gemmed collar and strappy heels keep this brown leather skirt looking ladylike.


Fashion-Forward Extras



This yellow snakeskin clutch is a go-to for Palermo, and we can’t get enough of it! We also love the delicate gold statement necklace she uses to decorate her all-burgundy outfit.


Contrasting Ideas



Mixing casual and formal pieces is something Palermo has mastered. Why not pair a cozy sweater with black track pants and patent leather oxfords?


Colorful Punches



Palermo can’t resist a good pop of color. Here, her neon clutch and mismatched earrings keep this almost achromatic outfit interesting.


Unconventional Accessories



Palermo’s specialty is mixing unexpected, unique pieces. We love how this bold handbag looks with her tailored outfit and quirky heels.


’70s-Inspired Style



Yes, the ’70s are back, which means Palermo is on point with her bell-bottoms, chunky turtleneck, and circle-framed sunglasses.


Vibrant Hues



Leave it to Palermo to update a classic style by choosing it in a vibrant hue, like this Kelly green structured jacket.


Contemporary Twist



Palermo gave this ’70s-inspired printed dress a modern twist with a long, white, sleeveless blazer and nude lace-up heels.


Vintage Florals



Palermo looks vintage-cool in a floral jacket and tailored olive-green shorts atop black tights.





Palermo added a pop of color to this plaid-on-plaid pantsuit, giving it a fresh feel, especially when paired with a lemon-colored clutch.


Giraffe Print



Who doesn’t love a black-and-white giraffe-print dress? The key to this stylish look is the accessories—metal jewelry, a belt, a fringe bag, and strappy heels.


Suede Jacket



If you don’t think a suede jacket can be stylish, think again. Palermo proves this earthy style looks chic when paired with other neutral pieces.