Opposites Are Attractive

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Opposites Are Attractive

He calls his subversive pieces three-dimensional collages. We call them punk rock.

It’s no secret that we love all things Chrishabana, and our fashion program alumni’s new unisex jewelry pieces for spring are as adorable as ever. A cheeky mix of candy colors and offbeat imagery, these street-friendly accessories are equal parts darling and devilish—think small animal skulls coated in bright colors and chunky metals mixed with beaded chiffon. Yes, you read correctly.

“My collections are products of the constant battle in my head between doing what I want to do and doing what I think I should do,” Habana told us. “My latest jewelry takes on religious themes, as I have recast scapulars, crosses, Virgin Mary icons, as well as occult themes such as teeth, hair, and bones. There are some collaged pieces, such as a winged bunny on a mako shark tooth, mixed with harder imagery like studs and safety pins.”

And those bright, neon colors? They help him flashback to the good old days. “This group is very close to my heart, as I was once a raver,” the Brooklyn designer, and self-proclaimed “crafthlete” admits. “I honed my sewing skills by sewing together oversized fur hats to party in … I was seventeen and always looking for a good time!”

Habana draws inspiration for his line from anything and everything—cult movies, pornography, cartoons and wearing his pieces has that same naughty but nice feel. Snatch up one of his statement-making necklaces and become your own walking contradiction today!

Chrishabana’s spring collection will be available online at Big Drop.

By Kristen Amato