Oscars: Weird and Weirder

by admin

Oscars: Weird and Weirder

Okay, so there were lots of ponytails, scarlet dresses, and pregnant ladies on the red carpet. Oh, and George Clooney arrived with a girl for the first time, a twenty-nine-year-old Las Vegas cocktail waitress (please God tell me she’s working while putting herself through college …). Aside from that, there isn’t really much to post Oscar giddy gab.

In browsing through the night’s photos, though, there were some rather strange images to share. First and foremost, Oscar winning actress Tilda Swinton. There’s something infinitely likable about this gal—the talent, the super coolness, and individuality. However, we must say her super pale make-up-less pallor coupled with her red dyed comb-back ain’t workin’. If Simon Cowell thought the recently eliminated Peter Frampton look-alike contestant looked like he’d been locked up in his room for months—can you imagine the field day he’d have had with Tilda? Just the tiniest dab of Maybelline would have warmed this lithe creature to fantastic results. Tilda, as your entourage, we’re beggin’ ya.

The second celebrity that merits mention is Courtney Love. Oh my God! What has happened here? Talk about doing a mid-life Jennifer Grey! The rocker is barely recognizable. At first glance, I originally thought it was possibly Madonna with a brow lift (has she already had one of those?). Then, I veered off course. Was it possibly ’80s pop star Debby Gibson? Or, could it possibly be one of Hugh Hefner’s faux publicity-for-hire “girlfriends”? It’s not that she looks bad, we should graciously point out, just radically different. If this is what sober looks like, kudos to you girl.

Thirdly, what in the world is John Travolta doing with his hair? I didn’t hear that he was in the new upcoming Star Trek movie. Is he? It’s not just the hideous sideburns—but the hair looks … dare we say … spray painted on. Yeech. I also thought it was odd that the Oscar producers cut off the woman half of the team who won for Best Song before she was able to utter a single word. Moments later, they then had the audacity to bring out Travolta for a stupid joke about his airplane. Just plain rude and gross. Time for him, but not for her. That was the only brilliant moment of the telecast, if you ask me, when host Jon Stewart brought the woman back up on stage to let her have her moment in the sun.

And, lastly, we don’t mean to poke fun at someone who struggles with weight gain, but isn’t there something terribly ironic about an Oscar nominated director who makes documentary about the horrible state of the health care industry, who himself is so unhealthy? Moore looks like a walking time bomb. Note to Michael: Stop worrying about the world, and start worrying about—and more importantly doing something about—you. Sicko, indeed! 

Photo Courtesy of Shesez