Pamper Me

by admin

Pamper Me

Brrr … in Miami!?

Yes, I was in Miami this past weekend, and I don’t know what I was thinking bringing my lusciously warm, “Pampered” Beaubeau, an exquisite blend of soft cashmere and cotton jersey. It’s, of course, a must-have on my occasional trips north to Philly, but not one I get to wear often in Florida, and especially not to tropical Miami.

Apparently Miami has displaced itself on the map, because it was anything but tropical there this past weekend. I know, I know. You Northerners will dismiss my cold whimpers, as if living in Florida disqualifies any climatic gripes I might have. Trust me, having no hair on my head qualifies me for cold whimpers, regardless of the latitude from which they emanate. I was too busy to check the actual temperature, but I’m sure the Dade County avocados could vouch for me—these are no normal December days in Miami.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to settle for one of those itchy knit winter caps, not that I would have brought one to Miami in the first place. I do love my “Pampered” Beaubeau head warmer, and while I’m not asking for this cold front to stop here, I’m thankful for opportunities to pamper my bare head with a soft, chic, Beaubeau head warmer. 

What about you? Do you risk follicle freeze in the interest of your manicured hairdo? Or do you have a favorite winter head cover?