Partners in Style: A Fashionable Feast (Part 2)

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Partners in Style: A Fashionable Feast (Part 2)

Dressing to Express

Shyla: A little goes a long way is indeed our motto for family and business occasions. Our motto is slightly different for a nighttime rendezvous with your girlfriends and friend’s holiday parties.

Lena: Absolutely, for fiestas with friends, you can let a little or a lot more hang out ‘cause there ‘aint no in-laws to impress!

Shyla: Truly, quite the opposite; you just have inebriated, horny admirers to impress. If you feel like splurging, my favorite dress designer is Betsy Johnson. I love browsing her store and site for adorable styles that will easily take you through New Year’s Eve and beyond.

Lena: I adore Betsy’s bright candy-colored hues and unique patterns.

Shyla: I always put more deliberation and care into outfits when I am dressing it up with my buds. I would rather splurge on a sexy dress for New Year’s Eve than a sweater to look respectable for granny on Christmas Eve, but that’s just me.

Lena: I agree, partying and nights out on the town are when I attempt to look my very best. I love pretty cocktail dresses in jewel-toned colors for friend’s cocktail holiday parties, like this Nicole Miller dress in the ideal, effervescent green.

Shyla:  I love green. Green makes you (and others) horny. Did you know that? And of course, green is the new black. That dress is incredible, but dude, quite a bit on the pricey side. I guess it’s crucial to splurge on outstanding pieces.

Lena: You are such a hussy. This Mark Jacobs dress is a shimmery dream of plaid loveliness, and is anything but Spartan. I would bathe in plaid if it made me look this good.

Shyla: I would rather bathe with Jude Law; you can take your plaid. That dress is gorgeous though. You know what I love and always gravitate to in stores? Wrap dresses.

Lena: Oooh, wrap dresses look fabulous on everyone. They are totally transitional from day to night and they flatter most body types beautifully.

Shyla:  I have a stunning wrap dress from Zara. I remember one night when I wore it out and some guy came up to me and said, “Dude, that dress is gnarly!”

Lena: I didn’t know people used that word after 1985.

Shyla:  Apparently, they do. You can match this tasteful dress by Design History with just about anything.

Lena: I’m imagining this dress paired up with some gold earrings like these sexy danglies by Janna Conner Beni. They won’t burn holes in your Citizens either.

Our Sum-Up

Whether dressing for your new flame’s parents, your Office Space-inspired office party, or glamming your sexy self up in cocktail dresses for a holiday bash, remember a few things: let your individuality shine through your clothes and allow your clothes to illustrate your personality. Biggie: Aim to shine in your clothes, not hide. If you are dressing to win over your future husband’s relatives, or that Clive Owen look-a-like you’ve had your eye on for months, remember it’s you who has to sport it; it’s you who has to be comfortable in it; and it’s you that you want Clive to remember, not just your clothes.

Well enough talking … lets go shopping!

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