Partners in Style: Fashion’s Fate in 2008

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Partners in Style: Fashion’s Fate in 2008

A new year means: marvelous new trends, new reasons to laugh at our fashion faux pas (and general faux pas), new reasons to make fun of (or feel sorry for) Britney, and new reasons to empty our (already fairly empty) pockets. Being the style experts that we are, (alright, let’s be honest, pretend to be) we looked in our Marc Jacobs crystal ball to foretell fashion’s future for 2008. Armed with our “fashion forecast kits,” ie: our witty selves, a few fashion mags, a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos, and a liter of Diet Coke—we spent a rainy Sunday afternoon dishing about our style predictions for 2008.

Shyla: When I was a wannabe hippie in college, I detested anything overtly feminine, pink, fluffy, or frilly. Today in my more sensible days, I have a newfound appreciation of being a girly-girl. I think it’s both moving and magnificent that 2008 is the year of flirty, sheer fabrics in truly feminine hues.

Lena: I used to steer clear of bows and frills, but now I can’t get enough of them. We predict that 2008 will be full of feminine frills and flowing chiffons.

Shyla: I for one cannot wait to break out of my drab shell and sport some frilly fun. I saw this smashing Robert Rodriguez dress at Nordy’s and immediately fell over with glee.

Lena: Gorgeous … that dress with me in it … would make me the envy of every fashionable female in a twenty-mile radius and rock the socks off any sane, conscious man.


This shirt from Forever 21oozes femininity with its ethereal ruffles, adorable button detailing, and supple silk fabric—plus, it’s a steal!

Shyla: Ooooh Ooooh!!! (Insert girly-girl squeal here!) That blouse is adorable. I am trotting over to Forever and snatching it up after the nine to five today.

Lena: From one extreme to the next, I foresee rocker style as the new rage in twenty-oh-eight. From black, cropped leather jackets, to motorcycle boots. I’m imagining a modern day Rizzo with a pinch of Sandra Dee (post hardcore make-over).

Shyla: Ewwww, I don’t know how much I’ll be sporting that trend; leather makes me squeal (in a non PETA-humper way).

Lena: Trust me Shy, pair a rocking leather jacket with a feminine dress and you got the best of both worlds—girly with a hardcore edge. Check out Rachel Bilson in this Mike and Chris Lloyd cropped leather jacket with her adorable dress. She is rocking that outfit. I think I need that jacket … I really do.


Shyla: Just like you needed those sixty-five pairs of shoes in your closet? Rachel is sizzling in that jacket-dress combo. Who knew the OC provides more to our society than fake boobies and bleached blonde hair—they provide hot chicks in leather too. Alright, I’ll admit the rocker style is hot.

Lena: Move over Mischa! I might just have to steal Rachel’s style … and her ex boyfriend.

Shyla: I love me some Seth Cohen. Alright, I will channel my inner Pink and embrace 2008’s flirtation with black leather. You know I am a total shoe whore—my mom calls me Imelda Marcos, à la Filipino queen with 2,500 pairs of shoes. My favorite biker-babe trend is black leather boots and these Fryes are hella badass.

Lena: Those are majorly badass. I envision both of us, wearing those boots on a Harley driving into the sunset—our ethereal chiffon dresses flowing freely into the wind, cascading around us like wings …

Shyla: I would unfortunately be like Bridget Jones and end up with a frizz-fest and my do-rag lost in the desert.

Lena: Me too … I’m not really as badass as I imagine myself to be. I’ve never even been on a moped.

Shyla: It’s hard to be bad-ass in this cold weather. Much easier to be cold-ass.

Lena: Sigh, I hate winter. I hate cold weather and my soggy socks after a downpour of rain … I can’t wait to throw my winter boots and wet raincoat across the room, and slip on a pretty, flowy dress. My prediction for spring and summer of ’08 are lots of cheery floral prints, bright colors, and long feminine dresses. I adore this silky sheeth by Tibi.


Shyla: That dress transported me to warmer climes. It’s sumptuous. It makes me think of mai tais, mangos, and muscular men. It’s versatile enough to wear year round with some extraordinary black heels. Bright is back in a big way—drab colors are so ’07.

My next 2008 prediction … drum-roll please … TIGHTS! Tights are versatile, adorable, and the good ones suck in any excess rolls and bulges. Lookfromlondon.com is one of my favorite Web sites for tights. Sometimes their stuff can be too far out, but their tights are usually too good to be true.

Lena: Yes, tights were all the rage at the end of ’07 and looks like they didn’t have a Dec 2007 expiration date. From bright hues to black and opaque, to fuzzy and knitted … they have become a style staple in my wardrobe. They have seemingly taken the place of the leggings I used to sport for years (though I still couldn’t live without my leggings, in style or not). Look how adorable my favorite Style Diva Sienna looks in hers.

Shyla: Sienna is too cute to be true; she always looks like a Warhol-inspired vixen. Too bad Judey boy (my lover-boy) slept with the nanny [instead of me!] Bad Judey. Men really think with the wrong head too much of the time. Especially regarding fashion. Sometimes I come up with the cutest outfits ever and my boyfriend thinks I look like a hobo. Speaking of my boyfriend, he took me to the Thomas Pink store recently. In this stunning store, they paired a women’s blouse with a men’s tuxedo cummerbund. It was so cute that I went out and bought my own cummerbund to pair with dresses and blouses. This brings me to my next 2008 fashion prophecy, Tuxedo Style.

Lena: Tuxedo Style! I love it. It’s an interesting contrast to our other girly-style forecasts for ’08, but honestly … tuxedos are hot. This style reminds me of prom, but a ridiculously stylish prom that didn’t take place in my unstylish (and awkward) teen years. Check out this Marc by Marc Jacob’s tuxedo jacket with its subtle sexiness.


Shyla: That jacket is blazin’. That chick has this weird constipated gangster look on her face, but besides that, she is rocking tuxedo style. I predict women in cummerbunds, tuxedo-inspired coats, and work shirts ruling the runways. I just hope people don’t take it too far à la Diane Keaton.

Lena: Shoot me if I ever wear that to the Academy Awards when I attend with my husband, Adrian Grenier. (Okay, a girl can dream.)

Shyla: Wake up Leen, one of my all time favorite trends is back in a big way in ’08—ethnic inspired clothing. Being of Indian decent myself, I have a closet full of kurta blouses, flowy and colorful scarfs, and paisley prints. It’s tres chic to look like a world traveler these days. This Tie Waist Chemise Dress by Plenty by Tracy Reese is ideal.

Lena: That print is gorgeous! Perfect for that safari I have been planning in Africa, or more likely a safari in Bloomingdales … either way I love.

Our Sum-Up

We are not psychics—Montel won’t call us for his next mind-reading sesh with Sylvia Browne—but we are fashionistas. Keep your eyes peeled and your closet ready for these trends and anything else that catches your eye in 2008!