Personalize Your Professional Wardrobe

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Personalize Your Professional Wardrobe

What you wear into the office says something about you. But, it is possible to be stylish and professional at the same time, no matter what your age, profession, or career level. Read below for tips from w2wlink affiliate partner Little Pink Book.
It’s one thing to be excited about going to work, but it’s another to be excited about dressing for work. While some businesses have a casual dress code, others allow for bright colors and accessories that reveal your great sense of style.

Today’s successful women prove personal style has its place at work!

“What you wear and how you wear it speak volumes about who you are and the attention you devote to that first (and lasting) impression,” says Geraldine Calixte, founder of Shop the Far Out. Her online clothing boutique boasts high-quality pieces that allow women to showcase plenty of personal style.
“We all strive for greatness,” says Calixte. “Why not strive for a great wardrobe?” She suggests adding subtle touches to work clothes, like tailoring suits so they don’t look “rented,” finding jackets and coats with print or bold linings and trading elastic hair bands for tortoise shell or gold hair clips.

Calixte adds that broaches on a wrap dress or feminine cardigan, a great work bag and classic weather-fighting pieces like gloves and a “fabulous trench” will keep you looking stylish no matter the season.
What to avoid? Sky-high heels, too much animal print and anything sheer, says Calixte. Experts advise against noisy jewelry, like a stack of clanging bracelets.
How do you showcase personal style at work while remaining professional? We want to know. Tell us by adding your smart comment below!
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