Pick Your Perfect Costume

by More.com Editors

Pick Your Perfect Costume

With Halloween just around the corner, its time to start looking for the hottest, most fashionable ensemble of the season. As with anything in fashion, pop culture often, if not always, effects what is in style and Halloween is the biggest fashion holiday of the year. Picking the right costume is a challenge but making sure you’ve got the trendiest look, now that’s a skill. Find out what this season prize winners will be with our top costumes guide.


This Season Top Picks
If you’re looking to sport the trendiest costume this season, these looks are for you:


Michael Jackson: A musical legend for over two decades, Micheal Jackson’s death was a shock to everyone and devoted fans will undoubtedly ensure he makes a comeback.


Vampire: While this tends to be a classic costume, the recent rage over movies such as Twilight and TV shows like “Trueblood” will increase the popularity of this ensemble. Fans will most likely imitate their favorite Vampire stars in terms of style so make sure you have a model in mind.


Harry Potter: With the release of the sixth movie in July, Harry Potter will once again make an appearance at this years festivities.


Political Figures: Everyone good class clown knows that poking fun at political figures is the best way to get a laugh so expect to see media leaders such Obama, McCain, and Palin this year.


Star Trek: Making a huge comeback from the late 60s, Star Trek is sure to be a costume head liner this year since the release of their new movie in May.


Go Green Girl: Everyone is going green these days, so it only makes sense that costumes would follow suit. Show your eco-pride with a Go Green Girl Costume.


You Can’t Go Wrong with Classics
As with fashion, some things never go out of style. These looks are perfect for anyone of any age. Here are some ways to personalize your look and make it fashion forward:


Witch: Try a dress with a fitted shape or trendy cut and incorporate your favorite color in a darker shade to make the outfit more “you.”


Pirate: Pirates carry lots of accessories so pick the ones that match your personality. If you talk a lot, get a parrot. If you like to kid around, get a peg leg. A treasure map is perfect for adventurers.


Angel: If you not the innocent type, try the “fallen angel” approach to make it more interesting.


Hippie: Perfect for men or women, this style is all about color so make sure to pick your favorite and really play it up. Use it in the outfit as well as your make up to really stand out.


Greek God: Again, this style is perfect for adding color and shape. Choose a long flowing Goddess dress for large frames or a fitted drape for those with smaller frames.


What the Cool Kids Are Wearing
Kids keep up with pop culture as much if not more than most adults do so wearing the latest trends is just as important to them. Here’s a list of what the cool kids will be wearing this year:


Princess: What girl doesn’t dream of being a princess? This costume will never go out of style and it allows for a lot of personalization.


Super Heros: Even when it’s not Halloween, boys love to pretend they are super heros. Icons like Spiderman and the Hulk have gain popularity in recent years due to the movies and are sure to be popular this season.


Vampire: Kids love to imitate their elders so they too will be following the Twilight fans in search of the perfect vampire costume this year.


Star Trek: Don’t think this costume is only for adults, kid are into this new craze just as much as everyone else.


Hannah Montana: No surprise here! Hannah Montana has been a pop culture icon to young girls for years and with her recent musical tours and movies, she is sure to be a top pick.


The Joker: Batman seems to penetrate every generation and this one is no different. Since the release of the new Batman movies, the Joker has jumped in popularity and is a sure win for this season.