Pinterest’s Best Fashion DIY Projects

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Pinterest’s Best Fashion DIY Projects

Ready to give DIY a try? We girls love to shop for the newest, hippest garments and accessories. It can be a mega budget buster to say the least. But instead of blowing your monthly clothing allowance, try creating some of the season's best looks with these DIY projects. We scoured Pinterest and rounded up a bunch of kick-ass projects that any girl can make.


Macramé Back Bra



Open backs and side slits are all the rage, but finding the right bra to play peekaboo while lifting the girls can be a challenge, not to mention expensive. Thanks to Laura of Trash to Couture you can create your own DIY Macramé bra with a few strips from an old t-shirt, a sports bra, and a sewing machine. Wear your new, customized bra under open-back tops and dresses, or rock it for a stylish look at the beach or yoga class. 

Find the full tutorial here.


T-Shirt Dress



A basic T-shirt is a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. A tee is comfy, versatile and easily transformed into a T-shirt dress for summer. We love this flutter-hem dress created by Cathy of Trinkets in Bloom. You’ll need two identical shirts, one in your size and another two sizes bigger. 

See the full tutorial here.


Nail-Polish–Colored Necklaces



Turn your leftover chains into brightly colored bling with a little help from your nail polish collection. Natalie of Crème de la Craft shares how to customize something new or freshen up your old jewelry. 

Check out the full tutorial here.


Sequin Elbows Patches



Take your boring old sweater from drab to fab with sequin elbow patches. Gather up sequin fabric, scissors, a needle and thread, and craft paper. You’re about to have a brand-new sweater in just a few minutes. Geneva of A Pair & A Spare will show you how. 

Find the full tutorial here.


Leopard-Print Shorts



Animal print is a major trend so rev up your denim shorts with a fun animal-print design like this leopard pattern by Geri of Because I’m Addicted

Full tutorial here.


Dip Dye Tee



Grab an old T-shirt—we all have plenty of them—and re-create this look with a DIY dip-dye technique. The girls behind Free People’s Blog, BLDG 25, created this kick-ass tee with a tub, measuring cup, salt, Dylon dye, gloves and a basic white tee. 

See the full tutorial here.


Flower Heels



Stop stalking those über expensive embellished heels by high-end designers and create your own. We’re coveting this pair designed by Chantal of Cocorosa. You’d be amazed at what a shoelace and floral hair clips can do. 

For amazing new shoes, click here.


Embellished Sunglasses



Embellished sunglasses are perfect for basking in the summer sun. These were inspired by top designers like MarniDSquared2Anna SuiDolce & Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli. Don’t let the designer name fool you—any girl can make beautiful sunnies like these made by Sam of The Brunette One. All you need are a pair of cheap shades, a few beads and embellishments. 

Get the full tutorial here.


Cutout Dress



Cutouts are a major craze right now, but investing in the trend can put a dent in your wallet. Have no fear: Geneva is here. Check out her tutorial on A Pair & A Spare to make a cutout dress worthy of the red carpet.

Check out the full tutorial here.


Lace-Hemmed Shorts



Bored with your denim cutoffs for summer? Go from ordinary to extraordinary with a little bit of lace. Not good at sewing? No worries. Aimee of SwellMayde shows you that it takes only a little bit of fabric glue to reinvent your denim duds. 

Find the full tutorial here.


Embellished Lace Skirt



We love how Erica of P.S. I Made This can re-create runway looks for so much less. Check out this embellished lace skirt inspired by high-end designer Erdem. You’ll be pleasantly shocked to see how easy it is to create your own look with the help of scissors and a few pins. 

P.S. Find the tutorial here.


Nameplate Wallet



Personalizing anything is just plain cool. But if your name is unique or spelled nontraditionally, it’s nearly impossible to participate in the trend. That’s where a little DIY help from Jenni of I Spy DIY comes in handy. Check out this nameplate wallet she created. Who knew metal house letters could look so chic? 

Check out the full tutorial here.


Hair Combs



Hair accessories are hip right now, and you can stay on budget by making your own. We love little details like these hair combs designed by Meagan of Love Meagan. Adorn yourself in whatever trims, beads and embellishments you’d like. 

See the tutorial here.


Cowl Neck Scarf



This cozy cowl scarf can be yours in three easy steps. Step 1: Hit your favorite thrift store, and browse the men’s sweater section. The larger and thicker, the better. Step 2: Cut off the bottom of the sweater, from armpit to armpit. Step 3: So the edge doesn’t fray, fold the cut edge over, sew it in place, and wear! That’s really it. For more detail, check out Freshly Given’s full tutorial.


No-Sew Bow Tank



There’s an infinite number of ways to transform an old T-shirt, but this no-sew tutorial really makes a statement. And without a sewing machine! Laura of Creating Laura wore hers as a cute ice skating warmup outfit, but this shirt could really go anywhere depending on the V-neck you started with. Make it a cute gym shirt, poolside coverup, or a casual party top.


Jersey-Weave Sweatshirt



There’s nothing like an embellished sweatshirt to feel comfy and look great; however, many of them come with serious price tags. So, let’s DIY it! Sophie of The Forge made this woven sweatshirt with a plain sweatshirt and some extra fabric she had lying around, but you can use strips of an old T-shirt or even decorative rope.


Simple Beach Coverup



This wraparound coverup is so cute and so easy, Auna of La Vie DIY calls it a “20-minute Beach Coverup.” Plus, it shockingly doesn’t require a sewing machine—just a couple stitches with a needle and thread to hold the straps in place. Not into brown? Picture this little number in a playful coral color or even a beachy print.


No-Sew Boho Skirt



If you’ve ever lusted after a beautiful fabric but not known what to do with it, we have just the project for you: a no-sew skirt! I know you have your doubts, but you’ve never seen a no-sew skirt like this one. It’s inexpensive, fashion-forward, and so easy a caveman could do it—if he had some pretty fabric, a rope, and a pair of scissors, that is.


Leather Peter Pan Collar



This Peter Pan collar DIY is a must. It’s so easy to recreate, and it doesn’t call for the fancy jewelry tools that a lot of make-it-yourself jewelry projects require. Plus, the end result is so versatile. A Peter Pan collar can give your outfit a cute retro twist or, with some sequins or rhinestones, it can make a girly statement.


No-Sew Slip Dress



Do you have a maxi skirt that just never seems to hang correctly? With a pair of scissors and 15 minutes, you can turn that old skirt into a wearable beachy dress like this one on Kier of Kier Couture. Kier recommends keeping the waistband when cutting up your skirt because it doubles as a belt after you’re done!


Patterned Pockets



Whether you’re showing off the Stars and Stripes, going tribal, or just adding a splash of color to an old pair of shorts, this project is perfect for any DIYer because it’s all about customization! Plus, this video tutorial is foolproof. Just take off the pockets, cover them with fabric, and sew them back on.


No-Sew Workout Headband



Tank top with a hole in it? T-shirt with pit stains? Don’t throw them out! Upcycle them. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut off the bottom of your old shirt above the seam. Then cut a strip about 3 inches wide, and stretch it out. Finally, twist it, fold it, and wear it. That’s all there is to it.


Easy Kimono Pattern



Okay: To make this project happen, you’re going to need a sewing machine, but you don’t have to be a pro. The kimono pattern is simple, and the natural fullness and flow of the garment will prevent any mistakes from showing too much. Visit Brit + Co for the pattern and full tutorial.


Screen-printed Tee



We’re in love with this DIY printing process. It can be time-consuming, depending on your pattern of choice, but look at the beautiful results! That French bulldog is begging you to give this project a try. Think, what have you always wanted on a shirt but could never find? Now is your chance to make it. Visit Lovely Indeed for the whole process.


No-Sew Lace Insert



Fancify an old T-shirt with a little lace insert—no sewing required! Trust us; it's not as hard as it looks if you have all the right materials, for example, iron-on hem tape. Remember, your shape can be as simple as this one—a moon, a heart, or a circle—or you could try something more complex, like a skull, bow, or butterfly.


Ribbon-and-Pearl Necklace



This project is so simple that you’ll wish you’d thought of it years ago. Simply, collect a handful of old beads—in this case, pearls; but any beads would do, even a combination of different beads—and fold the strands in half. Tie a color-coordinating ribbon on both ends, and use the ribbon to tie the necklace in place. For some extra pizzazz, add a brooch or flower to the ribbon as Sara did for Put Together.


Basic Sailor’s Knot Bracelet



This easy bracelet will add a chic nautical twist to any outfit, especially in the summer. Plus, the sailor’s knot bracelet has a rich history. According to Stacy of Flights of Delight, sailors would pass the time by tying knots in spare bits of rope, but eventually they served as good luck charms for sailors and loved ones.


Tie-Front Crop Top



Crop tops are still in the fashion spotlight this summer, so we are definitely going to give this easy T-shirt upcycle a try. We love C’est La Belle Vie blogger Charity’s forest green tank, but you can try it on any tee in your collection, or start fresh with one from the store.


No-Sew Beach Bag



Everybody wants a cute beach bag, but nobody wants to drop the dough on a bag they only use one season of the year, especially when it’s usually sitting in the sand. That’s why this bag is perfect! All you need is a summery weather-resistant fabric, some rope, duct tape, and staples. Yes, staples are the simple secret to the perfect beach tote.


Tulle Skirt



This DIY project is not for the crafty noobs, but if you know how to work a sewing machine, it’s completely doable—and completely fabulous. I’m going to leave the instructions to Ginny of Bowties & Baubles, but if you’re looking to jump on the tulle train, definitely give this project a try.


Tie-Dye Coverup



Okay—one more upcycled T-shirt project. This one is just too fun to pass up, and it’s so simple. Go grab an old T-shirt, preferably one that’s a little big on you, and follow these instructions. Allie of Adventures of a Middle Sister will take it from there.