Plastic Surgery: My Tummy Tuck

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Plastic Surgery: My Tummy Tuck

Lots of people have asked me about my tummy tuck. What was it like? Did it hurt? Was it expensive? So I guess I will just tell you my story, because I’m not really shy and if you ask me about it in person, I will totally try to show you my scar like a proud four-year-old.

About two years ago, right before my ten-year high-school reunion, I was feeling pretty down about myself. I had made it through having two children and didn’t gain a ton of weight. But then I moved to Alaska and gained about eighty pounds in six months when I was twenty-one years old. Over the years, I struggled with gaining and losing weight. In reality, I always will. I had always wanted a tummy tuck, even when I was thin in high school. I never had a flat stomach … my gut was almost like a pet. It was always there. So as my high-school reunion neared, I decided that I was going to go to a consultation and at least get the info.

I went to Chattahoochee Valley Plastic Surgery in Columbus, Georgia, and saw Dr. Naman. A girl I knew had gotten her boobs done there, and they looked amazing. Dr. Naman graduated from Princeton and worked at the Mayo Clinic. If you are going to get plastic surgery, please check out your doctor. This person could completely screw you up!

I went in and discussed why I wanted a tummy tuck and my expectations. After discussing pricing (which was $4500) I walked out with an appointment for the following Monday to have my surgery. Now you can pay cash for surgery, or most plastic surgeons will finance them, like a car. The cost was what had made me wait so long to decide to move forward with this, because I felt guilty spending that much on myself.

I went in the day of my appointment, they knocked me out, and about three hours later, I woke up. I was groggy and tired, but not really in any pain. They stitched my abs back together because if you have kids, pregnancy often separates the muscles, making the wall sag. I could feel the stitches inside if I breathed too hard or coughed. The incision didn’t hurt at all because when they open you up, they detach the nerve endings.

For the next ten days, I had to walk bending over and constantly slather Neosporin over my incision so it would stay moist and heal with minimal scarring, which it did pretty quickly. I had to lie in bed with a pillow under my knees and slightly sitting up, but the painkillers they give you knock you out, so you still sleep. I took a week off work, but probably should have taken about ten days. You wear a big Ace bandage around your stomach for a month. It helps the scar tissue form tighter around your abdomen.

A month later, I was at my high-school reunion, and everyone probably thought I had gotten implants rather than a tummy tuck, since I was pretty flat chested until I had my kids. The money I spent was well worth the cost and the minimal discomfort I was in. I don’t ever feel like I look horrible now. I have days that are better than others, but I never want to just give up on myself. My husband has told me that if he knew what a big difference it would make for my self-esteem, he would have let me do it years ago!