Plastic Surgery: Revenge for Spurned Wives

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Plastic Surgery: Revenge for Spurned Wives

Divorcées these days are having a field day—gleefully thinking that going under the knife will exact some type of revenge on their wandering, cheating husbands who have dumped them for a younger model.

Perhaps it’s true that the left-behind wives will feel vindicated when their settlements can be used to enrage or entice their husbands with newer body curves (liposuction), a tummy tuck, a derriere lift, breast enhancement, and even a face-lift. After all, reinventing oneself after a traumatic breakup isn’t a new idea, but using surgery to prop up hurt feelings and rejection just might be detrimental and risky.

Seeking revenge on that conniving philanderer you put through med school (law school or whatever) while raising the family may initially feel comforting and well deserved, but remember this: surgery is dangerous business and you could actually lose your life or become permanently maimed if something would go wrong.

Vengeance surgery now makes up about 25 percent of procedures from divorced, emotionally distraught women whose stated desire is to make their former husbands jealous and regret their behaviors. Gaining more self-confidence when vulnerability is rampant is important, especially to someone who has been forsaken by their husband or lover.

The stress from a breakup can wreck your body and your thinking. You might have a tendency to stuff yourself by eating everything in sight or go the other direction and forego good sense by not eating at all. It’s sometimes hard to find the even ground while critically examining your body flaws and that is especially true for your face.

A sagging face is a dead giveaway that aging is occurring and many women are quick to jump onto the plastic surgery bandwagon hoping that injections, surgery, laser treatments, chemical peels, and other offerings can help them capture their youthful essence that was stolen from them. Sometimes sensibility is overshadowed when these expensive, painful yet temporary modalities are offered because the results can sound so appealing especially when one feels so used up, unimportant.

These so-called results using chemicals, scalpels, injections of untested serums, and skin-burning light treatments seem barbaric. In the name of beauty and youth, most procedures have multiple serious side effects, the results are temporary, and there is usually excruciating pain involved, days of drug use and ongoing expenses because the results won’t last long—it’s called maintenance.

Haven’t we learned anything over the past years of watching celebrity faces being mutilated, botched, and ultimately misshapen and grotesque? Most divorce settlements do not rival the money a celebrity makes with one film, so if they suffer from plastic surgery gone wrong when they can afford to hire the very best cutter, where does that leave you?

Fooling with Mother Nature does not always produce desirable results; after all, facial surgery can create a host of dangers. Add injections to that mix and it’s easy to understand how something can go horribly wrong. So many people blindly use paralyzing injections without considering that long-term use can create lines and wrinkles in other parts of the face. In addition droopiness and sagging features may be increased at the injection site. This substance could prove harmful—after all, willingly injecting a toxin no matter how minute gives new meaning to the phrase “deathly afraid.”

Before you run out of options, run out of money or when you tire of running from this derm to that doc—back and forth—looking for the fountain of youth via a syringe or a scalpel, stop and consider that true anti-aging for the face begins with facial exercise.

Facial exercise benefits your mind, body, and soul; the gentle movements shape, lift, and contour all areas of the face and neck. The movements are easy to perform. Special exercise gloves are used to isolate, anchor, and contract the muscles and muscle groups. In just minutes you will begin to feel and see how the tightening and lifting is working in your face as eyebrows, cheeks, forehead, jowls, pouches, double chin, and more reposition.

Imagine knowing the secret to natural face-lifting—the power to create lasting change in your face is literally in your hands. Go to the mirror and tell yourself the truth—does lifting the sides of your face indicate that your face is slack? If you bend over from the waist and look into a mirror, what happens to your face? Is your forehead mushy and lined?

Facial exercise keeps you out of harm’s way with no large outlays of cash, no risk, no drugs, no oops! The best revenge is a confident, poised you, presenting your beautiful toned and tightened face that looks five to ten, even fifteen years younger; ahhhh, the best revenge is living well!