Platform Heels

by admin

Platform Heels

I have been talking to women I know about platforms. Not the ones my Mom used to wear in her really cool pictures from the ‘70s. They are one of the fashion trends I think we will be seeing for a while and I wanted to know how real women feel about them. I found that the women I know are evenly split on them. There are women who love delicate heels that show off their narrow feet and ankles. They prefer classic colors and tend to stick with the tried and true. Then there are women who love to be adventurous in the styles and colors of their shoes. You can find platforms that fit well in both groups

One woman that I spoke with told me that platforms make her think of strippers. Now if you get a platform with a Lucite base it will definitely remind people of “stripper shoes.” I personally tend to stay clear of shoes with Lucite. I also am not fond of platforms that look like someone took an existing shoe and glued a platform on the front. I look for a shoe where the platform is well integrated in the design. I especially like the covered platform. You get all of the benefits of a platform without having it jump out at people.

One of the things that I really like about platforms in addition to how they look is how they enable us to wear heel heights that may normally be out of our range. If you buy a four-inch heel with a one inch platform that is equal to a three-inch heel. Also, because of the thicker base, you have a more stable shoe to walk in. I find that I can wear them longer than traditional heels.

Platforms have a versatility that most new styles cannot claim. The platform lends itself to most shoe styles that we commonly wear. You can find platform boots, pumps, and sandals. The current booties or shooties are almost always platforms. Platforms also are made with a variety of heels. Thin heels and chunky alike. Gladiators or peep-toes. It is easy to find a style that you like.

If you love platforms you are in good company. From Beyoncé and Taylor Swift to Rebecca Romijn, Hollywood loves platforms. Most of the fall shoe lines include platforms. Nine West, Stuart Weitzman, Carlos Santana and my personal favorite, Christian Louboutin, all have platforms in their fall lineups.

Get one pair and try them out. I’m positive that you can find a pair that make your legs look great. Now don’t wear them anywhere you have to stand on your feet all day. We all know better than to do that with new shoes. Wear them to church or out to dinner. Somewhere that if they hurt, as any heels can do, you can sit and look pretty. Cross those legs and swing them so that you legs look sexy. No one will even question how they feel. They will only know that you look great. Now go forth and walk it, sister!